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Rezekne Today

Compiled by Esther Rechtschafner

Rezekne had 36,345 inhabitants in 2006. Since then, in Rezekne, as in all of Latvia, there has been a decrease in the population mainly due to economic reasons. It is the seventh largest city in Latvia.It is governed by the City Council.

There is a Milk Processing Company there as well as engineering and woodworking industrial plants. The city is a significant railway and road transport junction. It is the gate between the East and the West.

Today Rezekne is the Latgale centre of culture, medicine (the local hospital) and education (including university education) and sports. It is multinational city that has welcomed different nationalities, so quite a few languages are spoken. Rezekne is the city that has the charm of antiquity and also shows modern progress.

Interesting places for tourists are castle hill, Latgale Culture History Museum, the various churches and the Rezekne Culture and Recreation Park where one can hear many birds.

The symbol of Rezekne, which is considered to be one of the greatest monumental sculpture examples in Latvia, is the Latgale deliverance monument “United for Latvia” that the people call Latgale’s Māra.

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Jewish Rezekne Today

The Video Movie about Rezkne Today

This information was forwarded by the
executive director of Jewish community of Latvia
Gita Umanovska/p>

The video "Rezekne Hits - JEWISH STREET" was made in 2006.
The handful of Jews who live in Rezekne today are the people appearing the video.
Click on the link to see the video.

Below are some stills taken from the video.
Click on the photo to see a larger version.

99 Latgales Ilea
99 Latgales Ilea - Note that Ilea means street in English
couple in front of wood bldg
in front of old building. This one looks quite large. Wood is Pleantiful in Rezekne and Jewish Families for the most partlived in wooden homes.
Dagauvpils Road House
ilea - Road south to Dagauvpile
old market scene
The Old Market Scene Near Synagogue
Holocaust Related
market scene 2003
Market in 2003. To see the location visit the
Maps Page.
market scene 2013
Market in 2013 one block North and one block East To see the location visit the
Maps Page.

women near mara ilea house

Walking in front of house on Mara Street.
Green Synagogue with Family Sitting
Family Today with Green Synagogue Behind See the top banner of this page. To see the location visit the Maps Page.
traffic scene
Scene in Modern Rezekne
Green Synagogue
in Background