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Rēzekne Jewish History Articles

History of Jewish Rēzekne by Esther Rechtschafner

This is a well researched and well written article with am extensive appendix.
This is the featured article of this website. (Dave Howard's opinion.)

The BUND in Rēzekne by Esther Rechtschafner

While building the website for Rezekne, it became clear to me that I didn’t have enough information about the Bund in Rezekne, and that all the information that I did have should be confined in one place.I did try to find information in many places; but to no avail. Therefore I still would be happy to receive whatever information you may have. The link to the article just below is an eyewitness account of a small part of the Bund activity in Rezekne. The story is brief but shocking.

Rēzekne Winter 1905 by Abe Kopelovich translated by Jenny Brown

Read how the early days of the Russian Revolution affected the Jewish population of Rezekne. This is a first hand eyewitness report. Many young Jewish men sought to arm themselves and prepare for the fight. They were rounded up and shot.

Gordin Family in Rēzekne including Jewish History by Tela Zasloff

This is a wonderful collection of photographs, family stories, and Jewish History.You will want to download the entire 95 page book. Go to the link above to read a wonderful portion of family history laced with photographs. Click on the name "Grandma Gordin" to go to the place to download the book.

Grandma 1977

Grandma Gordin

Interview with Bessie Horwitz on Jewish Life in Rēzekne cir. 1905

Dave Howard recorded an interview with his great aunt Bessie in 1979 and she talks about her
Jewish life in Rezekne as a 10 year old in about 1905.

History of the Jews in Latvia

Documents obtained and donated by Paul Berkay and transcribed
by Sherri Goldberg and Margaret Kannensohn