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Rēzekne Index of Photographs

Old Photos Up to 1920

These show a vibrant city with wide roads and brick buildings with lots of Jewish merchants selling their wears.

World War II Photographs

These photos show the destruction and misery of people being relocated. In this era first the Soviets occupied the city and oppressed the Jews and sent many to Siberia along with others in the city. Then after a destructive battle the Germans entered the city. They blamed many of the murders and crimes of the Soviets on the Jews. In this era both thousands of Soviet soldiers who were prisoners of war along with Jews were murdered by the Germans with the assistance of the local police forces.

Modern Rezekne

What the city looks like today. Many of the buildings that were destroyed in WWII have never been rebuilt. The lasting land marks have been the churchs and the old red brick buildings from 100 years ago.

Rezekne Jewish Cemetery Photos

This collection of photos includes those from a visit made by Dave Howard in 2013 and a visit by Christine Usdin made in 2009. Christine Usdin photographed over 100 headstones and provided translations for many of these monuments. We present this information as a tribute to her contribution to all of us.

Photos of the old Jewish Cemetery in Rezekne falling in disrepair but apparently still in use. Many headstones are photographed including a Holocaust Memorial.

New York City Cemetery Photos

Nearly three dozen headstone photos. Also information about the B'nei R'zitz Burial Society - Photos and Charter.

Gordin Family History

Tela Zasloff has writen a wonderful 95 page book coverning the life of her grandmother, Tsiveh Gordin (Sylvia Berman when married and living in America). It includes many photographss and historical information. This article is featured with its own link in our navigation bar.

Tsmach Family History

This illustrated story written by Israel (Lyola) Tsmach and published in a book, The Travels of Israel a very interesting adventurer. His parents were originally from a city named Pedruisk but moved to Rezekne. Esther (Herschman) Rechtschafner has translated from the Hebrew a chapter of the book, "My Father's House". It is an excellent personal history and there are many wonderful photographs. This is one not to miss. (Says Dave Howard)

The Green Synagogue Project

Visit the Green Synagogue project update at the link above. To see more photos and hear more of the story from David Michaelson who started this all visit his Maltinsky-Luban family history page.

Synagogues, Churches and Other Land Marks

Many key land marks of the city are the old churches and synagogues.

Latgale Museum in Rezekne

See the old photographs and maps on the walls in October 2003.