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Rēzekne Families Stories and Pictures


This information was submitted by Yuri Cooper

My mother comes from the Wershok family from Rezekne, Latvia.

The following family members were murdered in Rezekne during 1941-1942.

Wulf b: 1879
Ita  b: 1888
Simon b: 1914
Liba b: 1918
Faiwusch b: 1923
Gita Lea b: 1903
Jacob b: 1894
Luba b: 1904
Efraim b: 1934
Luba b: 1938
Mowsha Raphal b: 1867
Hena/Hana b: 1865

Witness statements for (most of) above were filed at Yad Vashem by Hanna Henig (b: 1917, maiden name WERSCHOK). She now passed away but lived in Israel since 1949. Lived in Kibbutz Kfar Blum and had a big family there. I visited her in 1999.

I'm looking for relatives of David Grinshtein/Grinstein. He was born in Rezekne in 1899 and killed in Ludza, Latvia in 1941. His parents were Rosa & Ber Dov. His sister Sonia Minkin (nee Grinstein) was born in1913. She is the only known member of the family who survived the Holocaust. She was living in Haifa (Klibanova 39/10) Israel in 1986.

I appreciate finding information about my family.

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