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Steven Scott Howard

steve howard

(July 2, 1966 - May 17, 2004 ZL)

Some personal thoughts from Susan and Dave Howard (nee Horwitz)

Steve was our son.

Steve loved his family. He had a special touch with small animals. He loved history and family history. Steve earned degrees in history and political science at the University of Southern California. He had planned to follow in his parents’ footsteps and go to law school, but he also loved teaching and working with young people. After returning to school for a teaching credential, he became a middle school teacher so that he could teach history to 6th and 7th grade students.

harry steve howard

Steve (age 2) with his grandfather, Harry Henry Howard (nee Horwitz) in 1968.
Harry passed away in 1974 when Steve was age 8

In October 2003 Dave returned from his first trip to Latvia. Steve was so excited about the country that he renewed his passport and made plans for a return trip with Dave in the summer of 2004. Unfortunately, Steve had an undiagnosed heart condition that caught everyone by surprise. He passed away suddenly in May 2004 at age 37.

Dave was asked to write a short article about his trip to Rezekne for the LatviaSig newsletter. He was struggling with a good opening for the article. He discussed it with Steve. He told Steve he had found the place on the bank of the Rezekne River which had to be close to the place where Dave's great aunt Forence was accidently pushed into the water on a very cold day. She was saved and Dave's aunt Bessie (Forence's twin sister) had to take off her warm dry clothes and give them to her cold sister and then walk back to the house naked. -- Steve thought and thought and said one word: SPLASH! -- It was a peferect beginning for a fun article.

howard family

Steve and his brother Jonathan standing. Parents Dave and Susan sitting.

Steve would have been thrilled with this website and would have wanted to contribute several articles. He prided himself as been a good historian and a good writer. He was. He would have been so encouraging to us. He was especially kind and generous when it came to encouraging others.

Steve’s students loved him, as did his family. His enthusiasm made him a great mentor to many people. His positive feedback inspired those who had talent but were afraid to step forward and take risk to become performers. He urged his young students to reach out and become more than just followers. Seeing a need among some of his talented friends, he had begun to organize an association to provide self-help and mutual encouragement.

steve grave marker

Steve's grave marker