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Rēzekne Families Stories and Pictures

The SOROKIN Family

This information was submitted
by Vladimir Sorokin

My family came from Rezekne. My grandfather Simcha was a Rabbi there. He was married to Bluma Rose. Some family members lived nearby in Ludza.

simcha and Bluma Rasa
Simcha and Bluma Rosa

I gathered the following information about Simcha's children. Four out of five of Simchas kids left Rezekne in about 1905. One son Jankel Mowscha stayed there and died during the pogrom (1905). Other kids resided in the following countries:

  1. Son Beines and his wife Dweira New-York, USA
  2. Son Dovid and his wife Mina Baku, Azerbaijan
  3. Daughter Hannah got married to Schnaer in New-York, USA
  4. Daughter Chaya got married to Max Spitz in Zastron, South Africa
  5. later in 1938, they moved to Tel-Aviv, Israel with their three sons Moishe, Maurice and Mendel.

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