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Rēzekne Families Stories and Pictures

PAIKEN Family History

This material was submitted by
Art Paiken

Relatives from Rezekne: Julius Paikin, Lesser Paiken, Elke Rose Gurvich, Mary Greenstone.

My great grandfather was Jehuda Paiken. He was born in 1848 and lived in Dvinsk (Duggavpils), Lihuania. My greatgrandmother was Elke/Elka Rose Gurvivich. Their children were Julius, Max and Lessa.

Julius was my grandfather who allegedly was born in Rezekne, which was in the Latgale part of the Vitebsk Gubernia. He lived on Soldatskaya Street. He was born in about 1880. He married Helen Rhome. His brother Max (Motke) was born in about 1885. He was married Mary Greenstone (Greenstein). Their sister Lessa (Lisser) married Louis Vonner (Fonner). They all migrated to the USA.

Julius lived in NYC. Max moved to Delaware. Lesser moved to California.

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