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Arlene Beare

(Lives in London)

A Note from Dave Howard

On behalf of those of us with Jewish family roots in Latvia I feel compelled to express gratitude to Arlene for her years of service as President of the LatviaSig and her generous contributions of both time and money to advance our interests. Her contributions resulted in a good working relationship with the Latvian Archives. She used the information from this source to found LatiaSig database.

While Arlene has been responsible for adding information for all of Latvia I have listed below some of the work she has done for specific areas.

The Jewish Family Lists of RÄ“zekne  was a project she commissioned and donated. She along with Latvia SIG finance the acquistion of data from the Latvian archives.

For KehilaLinks pages for Riga, Latvia she is both author and webmaster.

For KehilaLinks pages for Jekabpils, Latvia she is both author and webmaster.

Her personal family history website is Rebecca Scher and Aaron Dorfman Family History

Her book A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Latvia and Estonia (Jewish Ancestors) is an excellent resource for researching Jewish family history in general and expecially useful for those of us with roots in Estonia and Latvia. It is in its second edition. The book is available at Amazon.

Her listing of Holdings in the Latvian State Historical Archives is an invaluable index of available documents.

Thank you so much Arlene Beare.