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Kupiskis Families

Won't you share your Kupiskis related family photographs with us?  They provide a slice of life from Kupiskis that would otherwise be lost to us forever.

(Photo courtesy Boris Feldblyum Collection)

 This photo was taken during a trip by Percy Berger, with his son, during  the summer of 2001, to revisit his birthplace.

The old synagogue was built with the best materials and was known as a beautiful edifice, especially the inside where, in the tradition of many Lithuanian synagogues, the ceiling was painted a sky blue with clouds and stars.  Today, it is a City Library.  A Wall of Memory Holocaust Memorial to the Jews who died during the Holocaust was erected and dedicated in the building on July 13, 2004.  (Read a description of this memorial.)

Please look at some of the photos that our members have shared with us.

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