Smidt Family  

This was taken in front of the Smidt Mill, which provided the first electricity in Kupishok.  The photo features the first automobile in Kupishok, which was also owned by Nochum Smidt.  

It was taken on November 25, 1932 and commemorated the return visit to Kupishok from South Africa of Shabsa-Velva Smidt.  He was the son of Benzion Smidt and Ester-Leah Jaffe Smidt and was the brother of Shmuel Smidt, whose wife Nechame-Muse Smidt and daughter Sara are in the photo.

(NOTE:  Ester-Leah Jaffe Smidt, the elderly lady in the photo, was from a well-known Lithuanian rabbinical dynasty.  She was the daughter of Rabbi Levi Isaac Jaffe and granddaughter of Rabbi Israel Jaffe.)

Row 1, top, left to right:  Oscar Smidt (standing on running board), Abram-Abel Pintushevich (seated at wheel of car), Nsanel Pintushevich, also known as Nathan Pincus (standing on running board)

Row 2, left to right:  Sarah Smidt Kotzen (baby), Nechame-Muse Smidt Smidt, Shabsa Velva Smidt (visitor from South Africa), Fruma Bedil Herring, Golda Smidt Kamenitz, Pese Smidt Rubenstein, Zelig Pintushevich (twin), Sheine-Vikhne Pintushevich, Feige Pintushevich (twin), Ester-Leah Jaffe Smidt (elderly lady), Batsheva Jaspan Smidt, Zlate Smidt Bedil, Nochum Smidt

(The photo was donated by Gertie Smidt Suttner and Brenda Bedil Chesler)

The Smidt Mill, photographed in June, 2002 by Ellen Stepak

The photo was taken in Kupiskis, Lithuania, April 20, 1930, at the home of Zlate Smidt Bedil, widow of Eliezer Bedil.  It was taken at a Passover seder which was also a celebration of the recent marriage of her sister Nechame Smidt to Shmuel Smidt, a cousin (from Balninkiai)  Note the elaborate window treatment, wallpaper, china and crystal.

 Back Row, standing, left to right: Golde Smidt Molk, Nsanel Pintushevich (Nathan Pincus), Dina Bedil Givon, Frume Bedil Herring

Front Row, seated, left to right:  Batsheva Jaspan Smidt, Nochum Smidt, Nechame-Muse Smidt, Shmuel Smidt, Abram-Abel Pintushevich, Zelig Pintushevich (twin), Feige Pintushevich, (twin), Sheine-Vikhne Smidt Pintushevich, Zlate Smidt Bedil

Note:  The photos on the wall were left to right, Eliezer Bedil (Zlate's husband), Elchonon Smidt and Sarah Dworsky Smidt (Zlate's parents), Velve Smidt (Zlate's brother), and the wedding photo of Abraham Smidt (Zlate's brother) and Raie Isaacs Smidt.

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