Susman/Trapido Family

Mordechai Susman Trapido, the son of Shlomo Trapido, was born in 1876 in Lithuania and died in 1941 in Tartu, Estonia during the Holocaust.  His family has remained in Estonia and we are lucky enough to have some wonderful photos that they are sharing.  We don't know when Susman moved from Lithuania to Estonia, but are including this family here since the Trapidos are a Kupiskis family.  (We do know that his grandparents died in Kupiskis, his grandmother Chaya in 1906 and his grandfather Yudel in 1910.)

We have to give special thanks to Mark Rybak and his wonderful web site,
Estonian Jewry Archive, and to Grigori Trapido for permission to use these photos. (Grigori is the son of Lev and the grandson of Susman  and Eta Trapido)

Back row, l to r: Susman Trapido, Eta Eliasshtam Trapido
Front row, l to r:  Minna, Isi and Lev Trapido

1923 Narva-Jõesuu 

(Hungerburg in German, Narva-Jõesuu is located on the northern coast of Estonia not far from Russia.  In the 19th century and early 20th centuries Narva-Jõesuu was a spa town and during Soviet times was a popular summer destination for visitors.)

Standing:  Minna, Eta Eliasshtam Trapido
Sitting:  Lev, Susman, and Isi Trapido


Kalev Basketball team - April 24, 1940

Left to right.
Sitting: Edgar Naarits, Karl Kivastik
Standing: Linsi, Ilmar Kullam, Isi Trapido, Elmar Hermann

   USSR - USA Basketball
   Moscow 1958

   Isi Trapido with players.  Isi was a prominent sports  

Mark Spitz and Isi Trapido

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