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Searching for Scheshko family from Tiraspol and Odessa

Photograph of Scheshko Family

This is a photograph of Scheshko family. We know that Scheshkos lived in Odessa and Tiraspol in late 1800s and early 1900s. On the photo, the parents: Shimel Scheshko and Khaya Brana Scheshko nee Pechnik and their children. We were able to find metrical records for some of them: Malka, Itskhok Meer, Tema, twins Mendel and Sura, and Feyga Sosya. Malka and Itskhok Meer immigrated to the US in early 1900s, the rest of the family stayed behind.

Shimel’s name is listed on a memorandum of Tiraspol Relief Committee dated 1922. Former residents of Tiraspol who settled in the US were helping their families in Tiraspol to survive famine of early 1920s by sending them money. It is possible that the rest of the family was staying in Tiraspol. However, no records supporting this assumption have been found and we could find no traces of the family anywhere. We hope that someone who knows the family would read this information and will contact via email.

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