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David Abrams

David Abrams Born on 28 April 1884 in Tiraspol. He immigrated to UK and then later to Amerika. He was involved in Yiddish Theater
source: http://www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/

Kishinevsky family seder in US, 1906.

From left to right: Bertha, Martha, Jacob (Jane's grandfather), Thelma, Lena (Lieba) (Jane's great-grandmother), Manuel Goodman (behind Lena), Lydia Kidshinevskaya Goodman, Isaac Kishinevsky (my great-grandfather), Adella Kishinevskaya Abrahamson (and unborn child), Sol Abrahamson, Malka Kishinevsky (Jane's great-great grandmother), Sadella, Emanuel Kishinevsky (Jane's great-great-grandfather). ... [more]

Manya Keyzerovich

Manya Keyzerovich nee Varshilevska was born in Tiraspol in 1885. She was an actrees.
source: http://www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/

Moisey Arenberg

Moisey Arenberg, photographer (1876, Tiraspol - 1951, Samarkand). In the late 19th - early 20th century he worked in Mariupol, Ukraine, then in Tiraspol until approximately 1930, then moved to Samarkand.
source: http://www.rusalbom.ru/

Ruvin Oykherman

57 Kotovskiy Street, Tiraspol. Ruvin Oykherman in his shop.
Artist: Albert Oykherman, Ruvin's grandson
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