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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you overwhelmed by the possibilities of the Tiraspol KehilaLinks website? You don't know where to start? You've arrived to the right section.

  • How can I collaborate with this site?

    First of all, this website was (and continues to be) built with the collaboration of people with roots in Tiraspol. Without your collaboration this website wouldn't be possible.
    There are many ways to collaborate with the site, with material (photos, documents), with articles (about the life in Tiraspol, about family stories), volunteering for document translations or other projects, and/or donating money for document acquisition.
  • What information can I find in this website?

    This site has different kind of information and is structured according to that:
    • General historic and geographic information under the section "Tiraspol Facts"
    • Articles about the different aspects of life, as well as biographies of remarkable people under the section "Life in Tiraspol"
    • People stories shared by researchers under the section "People Stories"
    • A database containing Tiraspol related names, as well as information, links and many other useful research resources under the section "Research"
    • A gallery with photos and videos under the section "Image Gallery"
  • How to get in contact with other researchers?

    If you want to get in contact with other researchers to ask questions or share experiences, you should refer to the "Archives and Other Resources" page under the "Research" section.
  • How can I research in the Tiraspol archives?

    You'll find the contact information and its contents on the "Tiraspol archives" page under the "Research" section.
    If you find hard to contact them, hiring a for-fee researcher could be a solution. JewishGen has collected a list of professional researchers recommended by fellow genalogists here.
  • Which information can I find on the All Tiraspol Database?

    The All Tiraspol database is composed by different collections. To get more information about the contents you should refer to the statistic table on the All Tiraspol Database Home Page. By clicking on each collection you'll see a description of the collection.
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