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Articles about Life in Tiraspol before WWII

Zionists from Tiraspol, Ukraine 1922. Investigative Case. Translated by Yefim Kogan

Zionists from Tiraspol, Ukraine 1922. Part 2. Translated by Janet Furba

The famine of 1922

An article from the French paper Le Depeche de Rouen describing the situation in Bessarabia during the famine of 1922 and the help from the American Relief Administration, American Joint Distribution Committee and the French help to the victims of the famine.

After the Soviets signed the Treaty of Rapallo 1922 with the Germans, it became very difficult for the French to send help to the millions of hungry Russians.

This did not stop the Americans to come to the help of the Russian population even if they categorically refused to recognize the new Soviet regime it. The American Relief Administration is helping millions of hungry Russians in many areas for the last 15 month. This humanitarian help is recognized by millions of Russians and raised the American influence in Russia. The American Relief Administration is the most popular organization in Russia and Herbert Noover the head of the organization is the man the most loved in villages and cities across Russia. This organization did not stop providing help to the population despite the lies of the Kremlin chiefs who deny the reality of the famine. Those who know the real situation in Russia are aware that millions are suffering from hunger and disease all over the territories under Soviet rule.

The Kishinev newspapers report the statistics of the suffering in Bessarabia. One example will be enough to show the misery: in the little town of Grossoulovo in the Tiraspol district (Odessa region) with a population of 1700 people every week there are 25 to 30 dead. The statistics of the League of Nations from January 1 to September 15, 1922 show 1,095719 cases of typhus and 944523 of recurring typhus as opposed to the data from the same period of 1921 of 470532 and 720573.

The conference of the health workers in Warsaw looking at these statistics concluded that the only way to stop the spread of this epidemic is to give bread (food) to the suffering population.

Among those who suffer there is a group of people that is most afflicted and they should be given a special attention. These are the Russian intellectuals, the professionals, like lawyers, writers, teachers, etc. They are harassed by the police and live in desperate conditions without heat and without means to take care of the old and sick. In the last year thousands of intellectuals are denied the food rations, were fired from their workplace and thrown on the street. They sold already all they owned and today they do not have any means to help their children and wives.

One organization helping the Russian is the American Jewish Joint Committee. This Jewish organization has donated 10000 francs to help the hungry regardless of their religion. This not only helps the hungry but works to combat the Anti Semitism among the Russians.

The French have also raised awareness about the need in Russia; the teachers and professors in France and their organizations are sending help to their Russian equals. It is to be expected that the architects, the doctors, dentists, artists will follow the teachers example and help their Russian colleagues. Each French person should help in the name of democracy and humanity.

I urge all the readers of Le Depeche de Rouen to donate to this cause by sending a cheque marked 45788 and ignore the Bolsheviks in power. I want to thank all for the donations.

By Serge Stern, Co chairman of the Rescue the Russian Intellectuals Society

Translated from French by Sheli Fain

From JDC archive

Summary of report of the activity of the "Idgeskom" for the period August 1920 - January 1, 1922

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