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Famous Jews that born or lived in Tiraspol

Alfred Gershfeld

Alfred Davidovich Gershfeld (1937 Tiraspol)is a Moldavian and American conductor, violinist and composer. Prior to emigrating to the United States, Maestro Gershfeld was conductor of the Moldavian Chamber and Symphony Orchestras and the Moscow Bolshoi Theater. In 1977 he was elected Honored Artist of the Moldavian Republic.
source: Wikipedia.org and http://www.amicco.org/

Aleksandr Nemirovskiy

Aleksandr Iosifovich Nemirovskiy (November 8, 1919, Tiraspol, Kherson Gubernia - February 8, 2007, Moscow, Russia)was a Russian historian specializing in ancient Rome and the Etruscan culture, educator, poet, novelist and translator, Doctor of Historical Scienses. He wrote more than 50 poetry books, historical novels, textbooks and scientific mongoraphs.
source: Wikipedia.org

David Chapkis

David Toyvovich Chapkis ( December 9, 1930 , Tiraspol - November 17, 2009 , St. Petersburg ) - Russian engineer, shipbuilding scientist , writer, TV journalist. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Navy Lieutenant-Commander. Father was Tiraspol native Toyva Mordkovich Chapkis (1894-1961).
source: Wikipedia. Photo Source: vk.com Song Club "East"

Dmitriy Zeyliger

Dmitriy Zeyliger (Samuil Zeyliger)(May 12, 1864, Tiraspol, Kherson Gubernia - June 25, 1936, Rostov-on-Don) was a Russian Soviet mathematician and engineer , professor of engineering at Kazan University and Honored Scientist of Russian Federataion (1927). His father, Nikolai (Jewish name is unknown) Zeyliger, was a Tiraspol merchant.
source: Wikipedia.

Efim Bershin

Efim Bershin (Bernshteyn) ( October 16, 1951 Tiraspol)is a poet, essayist and novelist. He was awarded medal of Friedrich Schiller by the European Academy of Social Sciences.
source: http://www.penrussia.org/
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