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Searching for Gutshtein family from Tiraspol

Photograph of Gutshtein Family

This is a photograph of the Gutshtein family that immigrated from Tiraspol to the US in early 1900s. On the photo Mordche, son of Aron Gutshtein, Neche Gutshtein, daughter of Shlomo Leibovich, their children, and Mordche's niece - Tsivya Gutshtein. Mordche came to America first. The ship's log says that Mordche went to his brother-in-law, Max, whose name was almost impossible to make out due to sloppy handwriting of the clerk. Soon, Mordche's pregnant wife and five children sailed across the ocean to reunite with their husband and father. On the way to America, poor Neche gave birth to a girl. One can only imagine what the family went through during their journey to America.

Mordche's niece, Tsivya, came to America and stayed with her uncle's family for awhile. Tsivya's father, Borukh, remained in Tiraspol, according to ship's manifest.

Chaim, son of Borkh Gutshtein.

Tiraspol Jewish cemetery

There is a burial at Tiraspol Jewish Cemetery for Chaim, son of Borukh Gutshtein (1897-1974). The inscription on the tombstone says, " To dear father from grieving children, grandchildren, daughter-in-law, and nieces." Chaim is quite likely to be Tsivya's brother. Judging by the tombstone inscription, he had children, grandchildren and nieces, but unfortunately there is no trace of Chaim's family after 1974.

Tsivya's grandson says that his grandmother corresponded with her family from Tiraspol in the 1950 - 1960 s, and letters from Tiraspol were all cut up by censorship. He remembers that the letters looked like a sieve: there were more words cut out than those that remained. Unfortunately, these letters have been lost. Relatives in the USA hope that they will be able to find this family and learn about the fate of the Tiraspol Gutshteins. Contact

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