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Arenberg family

Moisey Arenberg

Rebecca Abramovitz Arenberg (Berg)

My maternal grandfather Moisey (Morris) Arenberg (Berg) was born May 17, 1877 in Tiraspol to Rebecca Abramovitz Arenberg, daughter of Wolf and Leah Abramovitz, and Solomon Arenberg. Moisey was the oldest of nine children, six of whom survived to adulthood and emigrated to the United States -- Aaron (Harry), Pesse (Bessie), Rosa (Rose), Chawa (Eva), and Nastza? (Esther). Bessie and her husband, Hyman (Herman) Segal, and he sister Rose came to Philadelphia in 1904. They listed Jacob Brick, Bessie and Rose’s uncle, as their contact. Rebecca, a widow, came to Jacob Brick, her sister Anna’s husband, in 1905 with daughters Eva and Esther. Harry joined them later in 1905. Moisey got in trouble with the Russian police for “revolutionary activity” and escaped from Odessa to the United States in 1903, just as the police were on his trail. He was a tool-and-die maker and moved to New York in about 1915. He died in 1957 of congestive heart failure.

Cheryl R. Lieberman

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