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Family of Srul-Avrum Lerner, the Chief Rabbi of Tiraspol

Srul-Avrum Lerner

Srul-Avrum Lerner served as a Chief Rabbi of Tiraspol. He was born circa 1840 and died in 1915. His wife's name was Frida. Srul-Avrum and Frida had 4 children: Frida, Shloyme, Sheyndl(no photo), and Mariam

Frida Krankurs nee Lerner (1866-1943). She was killed by nazis in WWII
Frida was married to Moshe Krankurs and had 5 children: Gitale (1892), Motl (1894), Ershl (1902), Khayka (1882), Elik (1885)

Shloyme Lerner became next Chief Rabbi of Tiraspol. After Soviets came to power, he became a photographer.
Shloyme was married to Khaya and had 10 children: Dora, Luba, Bella, Riva, Khana Sima, Motya, Volodya, Tanya, Sheyndl, and Gitya.

Mariam Moshkovich nee Lerner
Mariam married Aron Moshkovich and had son Iosif

Photos have been provided by Alexandr Berman, http://frima.org/

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