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Masquerade Ball Given by the Tiraspolier Ladies' Auxiliary of Philadelphia

All the people who sent greetings and complimented the organizers of the 8th Charity Ball of the Tiraspol Ladies Auxiliary in Philadelphia, November 16, 1932

The text of the greeting is repetitive on each page. Here is an example of greeting:

From Mrs. Cili Metlin Chairlady (page 5):

As chairlady of the Tiraspol Ladies Auxiliary, I want to compliment all my Society officers and the chairlady of the 8th Annual Ball and her Ball officers for their hard work they did to make this Ball successful. We have to be proud of our work, now that we are all together and our hearts are full of joy. Now, we should be proud of the Auxiliary work that will help many organizations that come for us for help especially now that times are difficult and many of our members affected by the depression come to us for help.

I want to thank all who gave me the honour to be the chairlady and also I hope that when my term is done you will give the same support to the new chairperson.

Tiraspolier Verein of Philadelphia

MasQuerade Ball Booklet

List of the people who sent greetings

Mrs Cili Metlin, Chairlady

Mrs. Yete Gordon, Vice- chairlady

Mrs. Yata Shall, Ex- chairlady

Mrs. Dara Hofman, Ex-chairlady

Mrs. D. Lipkanski, Treasurer of the Ladies Auxiliary

Fene Chilnick, Treasurer of the Ball

Mrs. Roza Vogel, Secretary of Finances

Ida Clausman, Ball Chairlady

Ab Novek, President of the Tiraspol Society

Mr. B. Shall, Recording Secretary

Mrs. Nedi Oksman, Ball Vice-Chairlady

Mr. Charles Newman and Mrs. Newman Ex Chairman of the Tiraspol Society

Mrs. Lina Siegel, Chairlady, Souvenir Book

Mrs. B. Pullman, Treasurer, Souvenir Book

Mrs. Seiri Rosenthal, Chairlady refreshments

Mrs. Katz and Mrs. Brown, Floor Managers

Mrs. R. Cohen and Mrs. F. Freud, Treasurer and Secretary for the Bar cheques

Mrs. K. Benkin and Mrs. I. Roffman, cashiers

Mrs. Feni Zaslavsky, Ex-chairlady and recording secretary

Mrs. Feni Novek, Trustee

Mrs. Ida Serotta

Ab Novek, President

Harry Benkin, Vice-President

B. Oaksman, Treasurer

Beni Shall, Secretary

Max Chilnick, Secretary Finances

Max Clausman, Sem Ostroff, Jacob Petchin

Jacob Zaslavsky

Sam Blum, Advisory Secretary

Sam Lekerman, Chairman

Charles Falik, Lawyer

Jacob Metlin, Ex-President

Beni Shall, Secretary

Louis Brown, Ex-President

Dr. L. Rascov

Solomon Lipkansky

Mr. And Mrs. L. Benkin

Mr. And Mrs. Kent

Mr. And Mrs. Brown

Mr. And Mrs. D. Schwartz

Mr. And Mrs. S. Rafman

Mr. And Mrs. A. Cohen

Mr. And Mrs. B. Kolominsky

Mrs. Dubin

Translation done by Sheli Fain

The booklet was photographed and published with the permission of YIVO Library

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