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Tiraspoler Relief Committee Landsmanschaft in America.

Date February 28th, 1922 . S.r> Land.#83

We, the undersigned, representatives of the Tiraspoer Relief Com. Landsmanschaft, herewith deliver to the Joint Distribution Committee the sum of $1000.00 with the understanding that said $1000.00 is to be utilized for the purchase of food suppliers of the American Relief Administration.

The A.R.A. is authorised by us to deliver the said food supplies to the city of Tiraspol of Uyesd same, Gubernia Kherson and to place such food supplies in the posetion of the persons whose names are listed below as constituting a committee in Tiraspol representing Tiraspoler Relief Com. Landsmanschaft in America.

Committe Members


Rabbiner Zelinger

Rabbi Shloime Lerner

Saul Kogond

Sroel Yankel Teitelman

Fishel Tolchinsky

Leib Tsibulsky

Hersh Kishinewski

Moishe Krasner.Wokzalnaia Street, Stinkowsky house

Moishe Feldman

Shike Skralivetsky

Nisel Yures

Avroem Hzchok London

Shepsel Teitelboim

Munish Benioff

Boris Livertowsky

Leib Wainer

Shiman Kishinewski

Yosel Roitman

Motel Tupelberg

Shmuel Orzewsky

Yankel Ksendsowski

Simche Aron Kogon



Moishe Tokarow

Memoris Memko Powkay Street (Schimen Schesko)

Duwid der Shoiche

Sroel Berezowski,Remestenaja Street 56

Yankel Tulchinsky

Motel Warshawski

Hzchok Toker

Smiel Lerner, Teikel Shatzman

Zalman Berer

Shmiel Baltiansky

Moishe Katzenelenboigen

Moishe Stekolchik

Alter Albeka

Beirel Bershadsky

Leib Odzidersky

Hershel Bohe Sures

Chaim Mordche Krimand

Meyer Chaim Kishinewsky

Leizer Benioff

Aron Zilberberg

Mordche Zilberberg

Yohni Tchaplic

Tiraspoler Relief Committee of America

Source: JDC Archives

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