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Tiraspol Uezd

From 1795 to 1797 Tiraspol, along with the Balta and Olgopol Uezd, was a part of Voznesensky Governorship. Around this time, Tiraspol became the center of Tiraspol Uezd.

From 1797 to 1802 Tiraspol Uezd was a part of Novorossiya Governorate that was created by Pavel the First. During this period Tiraspol Uezd included towns such as Odessa, Balta, Dubossary, Ovidiopol, and Grigoriopol.

From October 8, 1802 to May 15, 1803, Tiraspol Uezd was a part of Nikolaevsky Governorship that was created by Alexander the First. In 1803, the Governorship was renamed from Nikolaevsky to Kherson Governorate. It is unknown, however, what Gubernia the Tiraspol Uezd was under during the three-year span of 1802-1806.

In the year of 1806 the Tiraspol Uezd became part of the Kherson Gubernia.

Map of Kherson Gubernia about 1882
Source: www.generacionesmv.com

Odessa Uezd was formed from 1825 to 1827. The Odessky Uezd acquired 21,806 residents and 578,325 acres of land, while Tiraspol Uezd acquired 5640 residents and 268840 acres of land from Olgopol Uezd. In the Fall of 1834, the Tiraspol Uezd (990 acres of land) was again divided, and approximately half of its territory became the foundation for the newly reinstated Ananevsky Uezd.

From the very beginning of its creation Tiraspol Uezd had a diverse class system. Tiraspol Uezd became home to Jews from Kiev, Podolia and Volyn Governorates as well as many gypsies.

In 1835 Tiraspol fortress was abolished, but the city continued to grow, now as a Uezd center, performing mainly administrative and commercial functions.

City Tiraspol in 1849 was the town of Kherson Gubernia, on the left bank of the Dniester. It had 6436 inhabitants, 740 houses, 2 synagogues, county government offices, etc. Source: 1849 Calendar of Novorossiysk

City Tiraspol in 1849 was the county town, built on the left bank of the Dniester at 45 gr. 50 min. north latitude and 47 degrees. 18 min. east longitude, distance from St. Petersburg 1690 miles from Moscow in 1393 a mile from the city of Kherson Governorate 270 miles.

There were 3274 males and 3162 females for the total of 6436. They consisted primarily of Russian Orthodox. Little Russians, Moldovans, Jews and Gypsies were a very small part of the population.

City Tiraspol in 1896: the county town on the left bank of the Dniester River [had] 2 synagogues, 4 Jewish prayer houses, 2 Jewish prayer schools, [..] 1568 families, 19176 residents (9670 men, 9506 women). Source: 11th volume Military Statistical Review of the Russian Empire. Source: 11th volume Military Statistical Review of the Russian Empire

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