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City Landscapes gallery

Tiraspol Fortress: Bastion Vladimir

Bastion Vladimir and powder cellar, part of Tiraspol Fortress, surivived to the present days.
Source:www.palamar-photo.com Author: Aleksandr Palamar

Tiraspol, Kherson Gubernia

Ferry across the Dniester river to Bessarabian side.
Source:Tiraspol Museum

Tiraspol, Kherson Gubernia

Water Tower and Childrens Park
Source:Tiraspol Museum

Tiraspol Theater

Tiraspol City Drama Theater (currently State Drama Theater) in 1944. On April 12, 1944, the red flag was raised ove the building as a symbol of liberation of the city. The Theater building reconstruction project was developed by Moldavian Soviet architect, Tiraspol native, Izrail Lvovich Shmurun.
Source: Tiraspol Museum

Modern Tiraspol: Balka area

Author: Boris Khodachnik
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