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Compiled by Marcel Glaskie
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Dated: July 2010
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Basger & Rabinovici
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Abraham Chaim Basger went to Australia

Rebecca (Guttmann) Basger married Dovid Behr
Dovid Behr changed his name to Basger

(after Bazga, a small village, near Raducaneni
They had
4 children
Rachela, Abraham
Chaim, Betty, Moshe (Morris)

Betty (Biatris) Basger June 1912

1913 Betty Basger

Travel Certificate of Sally Rabinovici,
born in Raducaneni
2nd daughter of Rachela (Basger) Rabinovici,
when she made Aliyah to Israel.

1934 Betty meets her brother Morris in Manchester

Biatris Basger from Raducaneni
wrote to her sister and brother-in-law

Betty wrote to her mother
Rebeca Basger

Rachel Basger & Avram Rabinovici
Rachel Basger Rabinovici

Thank you for the history of Raducaneni,
I understand now, much more about our roots.
I suppose that my grandpa, Rabinovici,
was a Jewish merchant who arrived from
Galicia and settled in Raducaneni fair

(the law allowed Jews to only settle in a fair)

His son, Abram Rabinovici married
his cousin from 
Bazga January 1908

(my grandma, Rachela Basger)

Their daughters, Ana born in 1910 
in valley Bohotin

and Sally born in 1913 in Raducaneni,
the family lived  in this area
Raducaneni - North was called Bazga.

1919 Rachel Basger Rabinovici
with daughters Ana & Sally
Rachel Shmuel

Treasured possessions
Rachel Basger Rabinovici

Avram Shloim
with his brother
Hana (ana) Rabinovici
Born in Bohotin
Iosub (Iosie)
Sally Rabinovici
in 1913
with her nanny

Birth certificate
Rifca Rabinovici
June 1900
Birth certificate
Hana Rabinovici
August 1910
Birth certificate
Moise Rabinovici
December 1912
Birth certificate
Sally Rabinovici
March 1913

Page one
Marriage certificate
Avram Rabinovici
Ruhla Basgher
January 1908
Page two
Marriage certificate
Avram Rabinovici
Ruhla Basgher
January 1908
birth certificate of
Moise (Morris)Basger
birth certificate of 
Beila Basger

Ruhla (Basger) Rabinovici in Huși
Ruhla with daughters in Huși
Ruhla Basger

Ruhla Basger
Ruhla & Betty Basger 1916
Ruhla & Betty(Beila Basger

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