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Dated: July 2010
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River Prut

River Prut
, approximately 850 km long (550 miles), rises in the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine. For most of its length, it serves as the border between Romania & Moldova (previously Bessarabia) until it finally flows into the River Danube at Reni, close to the Black Sea.

For many people who have ancestors who once lived in Rǎducǎneni, the name "River Prut" brings back many memories of family tales and magical times.

The highway sign posts, '' Localitate de frontier", at both the north and south ends of Rǎducǎneni confirm its border position.

As the river was so close to the border and to the village, it became an escape route in both directions for people fleeing persecution.  It also served as a crossing point for cattle and horse rustlers from Bessarabia.

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The River Prut on a postage stamp of Moldova

River Prut close to Rǎducǎneni

Remus at the River Prut
The River Prut flowing close to the road
20 km
  (13 miles)

south of Rǎducǎneni, half way to Husi.

From the bridge at Albita
frontier crossing
looking north
From the bridge at Albita
looking south

Small Rivers in Rǎducǎneni
Bohotin & Bazga Rivers
Bohotin River
Countries Romania
Counties Iaşi County

 - left Cozia
 - right Bazga

Mouth Prut

Length 22 km (14 mi)
Basin 107 km2 (41 sq mi)

Official River Code XIII.1.16

The Bohotin River
is a tributary of the Prut River in Romania.

Bazga River
Countries Romania
Counties Iaşi County

Villages Răducăneni

Mouth Bohotin
 - location Răducăneni

The Bazga River
is a tributary of the Bohotin River in Romania.

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