NepolokowitzNepolokautz / Nepolocăuţi / Grigore Ghica Voda /
( Hebrew) נפולקוביץ / (Yiddish) נעפלאקאוויצ, נעאפולאקוביץ

This website is dedicated to the study of Jewish family history in the town of  Nepolokivtsi, Ukraine,

formarly Nepolokauts / Nepolocauti / Grigore Ghica Voda, Bukovina, Austria / Romania

אתר זה הוקם
ומוקדש לחקר והנצחת הקהילה היהודית בנפולקיבצי, אוקראינה, לשעבר נפולוקאוטי, רומניה/ נפולוקוביץ', אוסטריה

Nepolokivtsi is a village / small town in the district Cozmeni Chernivtsi region, today in Ukraine, before WW2 in North Bukowina, Romania.
The town is situated at an altitude of 194 meters on the Prut River. 
It is located at a distance of 30 km north west from Chernivtsi, in Northern Bukowina.
It used to be the last train station in Bukowina
before crossing the border to Galitzia and Poland.
There were two Jewish communities in Nepolokivtsi pre WW2: Most of the Jews lived in the village itself.
A small community lived in the train station neighborhood of Nepolokivtsi, which during the Romanian period was called "Grigore Ghica Voda".

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Holocaust memorial, Nepolokivtsi Jewish Cemetery

Copyright © Edgar Hauster

Jonathan Michael Wien translated from Ukrainian:
"Here rest 36 Jews from Nepolokivtsi tortured and shot dead by the Nazis in July 1941. May their memory live forever!

Chernovitz association of former prisoners of concentration camps and ghettos. Chernovitz regional fund "Chesed Shushana"."

Sadly, they were shot by locals, Romanian and Ukrainians. And more sadly, many more were killed and died during the years of deportation to Transdniestria.

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History of Nepolokivtsi and the Jewish Community.
Holocaust in Nepolokivtsi; Names and Lists; Testimonies
Jewish Cemetery: Photos by Edgar Hauster July 2015
Families and Stories
FRANKEL family; MUNSTER family;
1929 Business Directory
Postcards and Photos

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                                        1425:                           Founded.
Until 1774:                  Belonged to the prince of Moldovia;
1775-1918:              NepolokowitzNepolokautz / Nepolokouc, Kotzmann, Bukowina,  Austria
1918- 28 June 1940:  Nepolocăuţi, Cernăuţi, Bukovina, Romania;
1940-1941                   Nepolokovtsy - First Russian occupation;
1941-1944:                  Romanian again;
1944-1991:                  Неполоковцы, USSR;
1991 till today:            NepolokivtsiНеполоківці, Cozmeni Rayon (district)  Flag of Kitsman Raion.gif
                                                                  Chernivtsi Oblast (region)  Flag of Chernivtsi Oblast.png  Ukraine Україна

Also known during Romanian time between WW1 and WW2, as:  Grigore Ghica (Gika) Voda (Vode)

Location:   48°23' N 25°38' E        7.7 miles (9.6 km) SW of Cozmeni,   24 miles (30 km) WNW to Czernowitz.

                      1933 map, Grigore Ghica Voda village (Niepolokowce) and train station
       The Czernowitz-Lemberg and the Nepolocauti-Wiznitz train lines joined in "St. Grigore Ghica Voda"
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                                1776:    56 families
  1880: 1,210 inhabitants
  1900: 1,294 inhabitants
  1930: 1,885 inhabitants, 316 Jews; others: Romanian, Germans, Ruthenians (According to the Romanian 1930 Census).
  1989: 2,781 inhabitants, no Jews.
  2007: 2,450 inhabitants, 99% Ukrainians (Ruthenians), 1% Romanian Moldovan, no Jews.

                                Until 1968 it was a village; since 1968 it is a town

Copyright © בית לוחמי הגטאות Ghetto Fighters House Archives
Members of the He - Chaluts movement
from the pioneering training commune (kibbutz hachshara) in Nepolokovtsy (Nepolcauti).
The members in the photo, shown here at the lumber mill where they were employed,
belonged to the Po'alei Zion movement.
These members in the photo appear to be sportsmen. Photographed on May 25, 1934.

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Nepolokivtsi train station area from Google Earth, 2006.
The Hebrew writing indicate the position where once were standing the MÜNSTER family's two houses, that were destroyed later,
north to the junction of the road and the train line. (can be seen in the above 1933 Map).
Copyright © Google Earth / Shalom Rosenblatt 2010

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Nepolokoutz Train Station pre WW1
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