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Thanks to Yehoshua BABAD, G-grandson of Rabbi David Frankel of Nepolokivtsi, for contributing most of the following information
Photos Copyright © Yehoshua BABAD 2011

Rabbi David FRANKEL (FRENKEL) served as the Rabbi and Av Beit Din of Nepolokivtsi for about 50 years,
until he was brutally killed in the Holocaust in about Nov 1941.

He was born in Rzeszow (Reisha), Galicia, Poland (or in Zabłotów, Galicia, Poland) in 1862 (65?) to Yehoshua and Ester FRANKEL.  
In about 1886 he married Freida Gele nee GARDIN from Izbitza (Izbica Lubelski), Poland.
He lived
in Izbitza until the family was deported by the Russian, when he became the Rabbi of Nepolokoutz.
He lived in Nepolokoutz in the train station neighborhood next to the synagogue.
He was murdered with his first born son, Rabbi Yehoshua, in Nov 1941, during their deportation to Transniestria, on the way from Yedinetz, Bessarabia, Romania (today Edinet, Moldova) to Transniestria.
Rabbi David Frankel was deported
in July 1941, with other Jews who survived the murder of the Jews of Nepolokoutz,  first to Luzhan, then after a few weeks to Yedinetz.
 Rabbi  Frankel, who was not only old but also sick and starved after about 5 months of deportation, was carried on a wagon, while his son Yehoshua walking, with many others, besides the wagon. It was  probably November 1941, wintry and snowing, while the wagon turned over, either accidentally or by the Romanian Cadets (Gendarmes) who guarded them; the Romanians then shot  David, his wife Freida, his son Yehoshua and Yehoshua' s wife Breine.
The above is a
ccording to testimonies by Pepi MUNSTER-LOEFFLER and Dontzia MUNSTER-OVICH. Pepi also remembered hearing the romanian Gendarme telling his friends proudly how he just shot some Jews, and later she saw Rabbi David Frankel's corpse lying in the snow.

Rabbi David FRANKEL 
זצ"ל הי"ד

Rabbi David FRANKEL's wife,
Freida Gele nee GARDIN הי"ד

Rabbi David FRANKEL's children were: 

 Rabbi Yehoshua FRANKEL; born 1887 in Izbitza. He served as the Rabbi and Av Beit Din of Seletin (Selyatin), then in Romania, now in Ukraine.
He was married to Breine Leah REIBER. He was shot, with his wife and parents, in Nov 1941 (see above)

Rabbi Yehoshua FRANKEL
זצ"ל הי"ד

Rabbi Yehoshua FRANKEL's wife,
Breina Leah REIBER, הי"ד
with her 2 sons,
Menachem and Moshe Yehuda,
and her daughter Sarah; 1920s.

Rabbi Yehoshua had 5 children.
             Rabbi Dr. Menachem FRANKEL; served as the deputy mayor of Ramla , Israel and chairman of the religious council in the city.             
             Helena Hannah WASSERMAN.
             Etka Esther (Edit) FRANKEL.
             Rabbi Moshe Yehuda FRANKEL, born 1919 in Wien; served as chairman of Religious council and the deputy mayor of Akko, Israel.
             Sarah BABAD, born 1919 in Wien (twin of Moshe).

 Rabbi Moshe LeibYehuda FRANKEL; born 1890 in Izbitza. He served as a Rabbi in Wien; in 1938 escaped to US
  and served as a Rabbi in Bronx and later in Borough- Park, Brooklyn.
  In 1973 Moved to Jerusalem; he lived in Kiryat Mattersdorf until he passed away in 1978, 88 years old.

  Rabbi Moshe LeibYehuda FRANKEL

 Eliezer (Leizer) FRANKEL; born 1894; later lived and died in Tel Aviv.

Eliezer (Leizer) FRANKEL

  Z'ac FRANKEL; later lived in Stockholm, Sweden.   
  Paul FRANKEL; later lived in Stockholm, Sweden.


  Milli (Malka) GALBER; later lived in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where she died.

  Milli (Malka) GALBER

The Horrific story of the deportation and torture of Rabbi Yehoshua FRANKEL is described in Avigdor Shachan's book
"Bakfor Halohet" – ("Burning Ice: The Ghettos of Transnistria") - chapter 14.
The following images are from the English translation by Dr.Shmuel Himelstein,
Publisher: New York: U.S.: East European Monographs, Boulder, 1996
   (Click on each of the pages to enlarge)

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