Map of Bukowina 1877 (Austrian period) in Hebrew
Nepolokivtsi (not included) is on the border with Galicia near Snyatin
מפת בוקובינה 1877
נפולוקאוץ (לא כלולה) נמצאת על הגבול עם גאליציה, ליד סניאטין
From a map by
Avigdor Jakov Haleli Horowitz Meisels, 1877. Contributed by Hannes Graf.

* * *
                                                                                                                            "Nepolokouc" near the Bukowina-Galicia border.
From Bukowina-Galicia Map 1910

* * *

Pre WW2 (Romanian period) map of Bukowina
Nepolokivtsi is called here "Ghica Voda", in the west, Cozmeni region,
last train station in Bukowina before crossing the Galicia (Poland) border.

* * *

"Nepolokouc" (in the middle)
 From 3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary, 1910

* * *

Map of today's Nepolokivtsi (Nieopolokowce) municipality;
the village at the south west, the train station at the north east. The Pruth river is west to the village.

See another Bukowina map 
from 1910, in
Nepolokivtsi is called here  "Nepolocaui"

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