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משפחת מינסטר      M

The story of Munster family is to be completed in the near future.
ספורה של משפחת מינסטר יופיע כאן בעתיד הקרוב

Before the Holocaust

MUNSTER  family in front of their house in Nepolocauti, about 1930.
 Front, from left: Pepi, Avraham-Yitzhak, Nachman, Sarah and Chaia MUNSTER;
at the back, from  left: Blima and Victor SCHERL - IVANIR (cousins visiting),  Itta MUNSTER.
Avraham-Yitzhak, Blima and Victor (with their small girl) perished in the Holocaust .
Sara, Itta, Nachman, Chaia and Pepi MUNSTER survived and lived in Israel.
Copyright Nachman Munster, Yohanan Loeffler 2010

After the Holocaust

MUNSTER family reunited after the Holocaust, 1945 (in Munich)
Standing from left: Chaia, Nachman, Pepi.
Sitting from left: Sarah, Itta (holding her first-born Avi) and Motl ROSENBLATT.
Avraham-Yitzhak הי"ד perished in Transniestria (see in "Holocaust")
Copyright Yohanan Loeffler 2010

The  MUNSTER siblings survived Transniestria and built their home in Israel, (photo from about 1985).
From the left: Itta ROSENBLATT, Nachman (Zinik) MUNSTER Z"L , Chaia GANZACH, Pepi LOEFFLER Z"L
Copyright Yohanan Loeffler 2010

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Fany-Feige LANDMAN - MUNSTER, (sitting), widow of Menashe MUNSTER, from Nepolokivtsi,
with her daughter, Dontzia-Chaia MUNSTER-OVICH (standing, left) and  OVICH family:  Yitzhak, Bruria and Shula. Haifa 1954.
Menashe Munster and his son Sioma הי"ד perished in the Holocaust in Transniestria.
Copyright Dontzia Katban-Ovich-Munster 2011

Photo of Dontzia Chaia (MUNSTER) - OVICH - KATBAN, Born in Nepolokautz. Haifa, 2010

Copyright Dontzia Katban-Ovich-Munster 2011
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