The Nepolokivtsi Shtetling website was created with  the help, support and kind contributuion
of the following individuals and organisations and sources:

Yad Vashem  Shoah Names' Database.
Yad Vashem, Shoah-Related lists Database. - for postcards and map.
JewishGen - Yizkor Bookowina book. -
for map. - for postcards - for map. - for map.
Library of Congress USA - for 1929 business directory.
Elis Island - for list of immigrants to USA.
Geographical Dictionary of the Polish Kingdom and other Slavic countries - article about Niepolokowce from 1885

Ben Walker (Benjamin Walzer), for contributing his life story, memorial photo and contacts to others born in Nepolocauti.
Itta (Munster), Shalom and Mimi Rosenblatt,  for contributing photos and for the Munster family story from Nepolocauti and Transniestria.
Chaia Ganzach (Munster), for her memories from Nepolocauti and Transniestria.
Nachman (Zinik) Munster, for his memories from Nepolocauti Transdniestria.
Pepi Loeffler (Munster), for her memories from Nepolocauti and Transdniestria.
Jane Rostos, for translating the 1929 Business directory.
Hannes Graf, for contributing Hebrew map of Bukowina.
Yehoshua BABAD,
G-grandson of Rabbi Frankel of Nepolokivtsi, for contributing the FRANKEL family tree, family story and photos.
Dontzia-Chaia KATBAN-OVICH-MUNSTER, for her memories from
Nepolocauti and Transniestria, and for contributing family photos.
Anna Chrichton - for translating an article about Nepolokivtsi from Polish.
Edgar Hauster - for visiting Nepolakivtsi during his road trip in 2015, locating the Jewish Cemetery and taking photos of the cemetery and the village.

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