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This site is a joint effort of Rose Avigael Feldman, Nancy Holden
& Mario Jeifetz
and is dedicated to their families who came from Mscibow. Though this was a small community, its contribution to the Jewish settlements in Palestine and Argentina were above and beyond its actual size.

Other Names
  • MSTIBUW, MSTIBOVO (Polish according to Slownik Geograficzny), MSZIBOWO
  • According to a website in Belarus, it is in Grodna regition, Vaŭkavysk  district. Varous spellings are: Мстибово, Mscibów, Mstibovo, Mstibov, Amstibove, Amstiveva, Mscibow, Mstibuv, Mstibuw, Mszibowo, Omstibova, Mscibava

Where is MSCIBOW ? Latitude 53°07´, Longitude 24°15´, Altitude 511 feet (155 meters)


Background Information
In every generation each person must regard himself as if he himself had come out of Egypt, as it is said: "And thou shalt relate it to thy son on that day, saying, this is done on account of that which the Lord did unto me, when I came forth out of Egypt."(Exodus 13:8, Passover Hagadah)

Documents, Stories & Photographs
"Not to know what happened before we were born is to remain perpetually a child. For what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?" --- Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 B.C.

Stories about Mscibow (published)

  • Memories of My Father's House written by Aaron Kalir, published in People of the Second Aliyah, edited by Yaacov Sharat & Nachman Tamir, 1970 (originally in hebrew, translated to english)
  • Summary of some chapters from Genesis of Moises Ville written by Noah Katzovits, 1947 (originally in yiddish , translated into spanish in 1987)
  • Olamot (Worlds), by Eliezer Kaller, "Achdut" Co-operative Publishing Press, Inc., Tel-Aviv, 1948 (hebrew)
    In the Town, pp 7-11.
    The Elderly Rabbi, pp 12-15.
  • Avotahem Shel Hanazim (The Forefathers of the Nazis), by Eliezer Kaller, Palestine, 1944 (hebrew)
    Stories about what happened in Amstiveva (Mscibow) during World War I and the invasion of the Germans. The last chapter is about the author's last visit to Amstiveva in 1934 before he immigrated to Palestine.
  • Bshow Galim (In the Cresting of Waves), by Eliezer Kaller, "Achdut" Co-operative Publishing Press, Inc., Tel-Aviv, 1958 (hebrew)
    A collection of stories about Amstiveva, Volkovysk, Palestine, Israel.
  • Halilayah Eino Afel (The Night is not Dark) by Yehudit Golan, Feldheim Publishers, Jerusalem, 1998 (hebrew)
    Some of the stories are about her grandfather's youth in Amstiveva.

Bibliography & Resources

Books (Bibliography including names of books in hebrew)

  • Berenstein, A., Furgess, Y., & Naveh, Y. (Eds.), (1999) Yeshivat Meir Hazriha Bepatay Kedem: Neitivay HaZalat Hatorah (Hebrew)
    Moshe Berenstein, 0ne of the yeshiva students of Yeshivat Meir who escaped the Holocasut and spent the years of WWII in Shanghai was from Mscibow. His son A. Berenstein is one of the editors of this series.
  • Cociovich (Katzovits), Noah, (1947) Genesis of Moises Ville, 1947 (yiddish, spanish translation 1987)
  • Golan Yehudit, (1998) Halilayah Eino Afel (The Night is not Dark), Feldheim Publishers, Israel (hebrew)
  • Kaller, Eleizer, (1944) Avotahem Shel Hanazim (The Forefathers of the Nazis), Palestine, (hebrew)
  • Kaller, Eleizer, (1948) Olamot (Worlds), "Achdut" Co-operative Publishing Press, Inc., Tel-Aviv, (hebrew)
  • Kaller, Eleizer, (1958) Bshow Galim (In the Cresting of Waves), "Achdut" Co-operative Publishing Press, Inc., Israel, (hebrew)
  • Mishinski, Moshe (1986) Svisloch, One name with multiple forms: Two Shtetls (Microhistory in the mirror of toponymy) Gal-Ed: On the history of the Jews in Poland. Volume 9 The Institute for the Research of the Diaspora, Israel (hebrew)
  • The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, Volulme 3
  • Sharat Yaacov & Tamir Nachman (Eds), People of the Second Aliyah, Mifalei Culture & Education, Inc. Volume 1, 1970 (Hebrew)


  • Archives of Belarus
  • Belarus Records in Various Archives
  • Grodno Archives
    Partial Inventory from Grodno Archives being investigated by Grodno Genealogy Group, Inc.

  • The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People
    Sprinzak Building, Hebrew University, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem, Israel
    They have a collection of microfilms & microfische in Russian. They do not accept requests by mail. The material can be viewed at their location and copies of relevant material can be made. Their collection does not include genealogical materials but good back information. You need to bring along someone who reads polish handwriting.

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