Information found in the Grodno Archives
Pertaining to the Kaler Family
Nancy Holden

In Journal of Registration of Trade and Industrial Enterprises in Msctibo 1915
Kaler Sosia wife of Hillel (widow) on Svisloch Street business small tobacco trade.
Kaler Mendel son of Leib Grodno Street small trader of white bread. (This is Yehuda Tsvi’s son, grandson of Abraham Kaler son of Eliezer ben Yacov. He married his cousin daughter Frieda daughter of Jacob son of Abraham). She was murdered from the Wolkavysk Ghetto with her daughter Sara.
Kaler Leizer Feivelevich lived on Svisloch Street small trade meat, slaughterer. He married a cousin grand-daughter of Jehuda Tsvi...Feivel was the son of Jacob. (Malcoot’s story)
Mendel Chaimovitch 1896 dweller in the District of Wolkavysk paid a penalty for foreign passport not updated; for not finding of his property; dislocation of his property abandonment of his property for relocating for Argentina. (Note: seems to have come back since penalty was paid). He may be the son of Chaim son of Abraham who went to Argentina with his family, some stayed there but he left with the younger children for Cape May in New Jersey.
Velvel Kaler of Volpe son of Josel Jankelevich craftsman Baker in 1882 (He is a descendant of aryeh Leib Kaler son of Eliezer ben Jacov of Slonim) 1891 Penalty introduced onto him for re-validating his passport.
In Journal of living houses of farmers of Wolkavysk District
and evaluation of property 1915 are listed
Kaler, Yankel Movshe son of Hirsh with a barn and plotz (square or courtyard.).
Kaler (Msctibovski) wooden house with courtyard.
Tax Collector Wolkavysk Jounal Registrar of Trades and
Industrial Enterprises and Craftsmen
Workshops belonging to private persons in Svisloch 1915
Kaler, Jankel son of Sussman lived at Market Square at house belonging to Shuhart. He had a trade of habidashery.
Contributed by Nancy Holden August 2002