Kaller Family Document from 1914
Yacov ben Yehuda Zvi Kaller
My mother, My teacher, Esther Gitel, daughter of Yitzchok, died in 1912, the 25th day of Kislev. May she rest in peace in Paradise.

Childrens Glorification of their fathers

This is a family tree of the fathers and their offspring that have endured from the beginning since the book "Chemdat Yamim."

From the return of torah on her entrance, all women stand with her in the tent of matrimony. Mrs. Friedl, who was blessed with years of women,. was the daughter of the exalted Rabbi Moshe, who was the son-in-law of the Goan who wrote the book "Rosh Josef" about the oral torah and grandchild to the Goan Jacob Falk (Polak), who was son-in-law to the Goan Moshe Kramer who was president of a Beth Din in Vilna. Falk was from a line of a great leader in France. Zalman, Reb Yolles from Brisk wrote "Tosefot Yom Tov" and may their memories protect us.

Author of this document
Yacov son of Yehuda Tsvi Kalir, born in Amstibava in the district of Grodno
Chaim Kalir 4 Sivan
Rivka Kalir 31 Tishrei

My father, my teacher, Yehuda Tsvi, son of Abraham Kalir died in 1872m the 20th day of Adar II
May he rest in peace in Paradise.
Remembrance of fathers by children because they preserved the race of faith.

My (great) grandfather Abraham son of Rabbi Eliezer was the rabbi in the town of Amstibava and the surrounding district of Grodno, and wrote a book consisting of 18 sermonettes called "Chemdat Yamim" in 1807 and also a large tome which he called "Torat Haolah" with three sections, which I have never found and perhaps, it didn't merit publishing. I pray to bind my redemption so that they merit of my dear forefathers will stand for me and will plant the seed for me and all the children of my family forever.

Falk is really POLAK

Translation courtesy of Nancy Holden

Studio portrait of Haim and Rivke Kalir. They later emigrated to Palestine.
They are mentioned in the above document.
1935 Svisloch
The the "People of a Thousand Towns" Online Photoraphic Catalog of
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