Time Line - The History of Mscibow vs Jewish and European History

This is a compilation of information from a number of sources. It will never be complete.
It's aim is to give us a frame of reference for the way of life of the Jews in Mscibow.

  Events in Mscibow
Events in Jewish History
  Events in the Religious History of the Jews
  Events in Zionism & the State of Israel
  Events in European & World History
Date Events in Mscibow Jewish Historical Events European Historical Events Source
12 - 13th century A wooden fort built in a marshland area SG
1370 Taken over by the large kingdoms of Lita Ivrit
16th century The Kabalah becomes wide spread in Podolia due to trade between the Jews of Podolia & the Jews of the Balkans & Turkey Ivrit
1551 In the records of Lituanian towns, which were freed from paying taxes, it is also stated that Jews had rights to live there. GE
1569 Reunited under Polish Rule Ivrit
1578 Mscibow is also recorded in a document from this year. GE
17th century The Sabbatian movement gains ground in Podolia Ivrit
1618-1648 Thirty Years' War
1623 Under Brest Committee - decision to divide Lita into provinces. Mscibow is mentioned as being under the jurisdiction of Brest. GE
1648-1655 Chmielnicki Massacres M&M
1654 Eastern Poland, White Russia & Lithuania conquered by Russia. Jews exterminated or expelled. M&M
1654 The area was liberated. The city had been burnt down during the struggles for control over the area. SG
1708 At the beginning of the century Mscibow was main town of the province. GE
1715 The town-fort was rebuilt. SG
1720 Mscibow didn't succeed in keeping under her authority a nearby village that the community of Grodno oversaw. GE
1722 According to an agreement between Mscibow and the Greater Brest Kahal (recorded in the municipal records of Grodno of 1736), Mscibow had jurisdiction over five villages and the taverns in them. The Brest Kahal decided at some point that four of the villages were under the jurisdiction of Svisloch. GE
1731 There was a decision by the Brest Kahal in the case of the Disputes between the Jews of Svisloch and Mscibow Kahal as regards who is nearer to Svisloch or to Mscibow. The Brest Kahal decided and finalized the argument in favor of Svisloch. Svisloch was allowed a rabbi of their own. The verdict translate into Polish, was submitted in 1745 to the Svisloch "heads" to be entered into Brest Mnicipal Records books I and II. GE
18th century The Frankist movement is founded in Podolia Ivrit
18th century Podolia is the cradle of Hasidism Ivrit
1700-1760 Israel Baal Shem Tov - Besht
Beginning of Hasidism
1720-1797 Gaon of Vilna Ivrit
1764 Council of Four Lands ceased to exist by royal act
1770 The town-fort burned down again. SG
18th century Mscibow was so-called "krolewszczyzna", a property of a king. There was a wooden castle built probably in XIV century, but it has been burnt several times, the last time probably in XVIII century. Before the war (WWII) there was only a place called "castle", with the remainings of the fortification. Before partition of Poland, Mscibow was the seat of "starosta", the last "starosta" was Prince Oginski. Zofia Zukowska
1772 First Partition of Poland
1772 Galicia is joined to Austria M&M
1775-1783 American Revolution
1789-1792 French Revolution
1793 Second partition of Poland.
1795 Third Partition of Poland
1795 Mscibow under Russian rule
1827 Conscription of Jews - 25 years "cantonists". Some Jews were even abducted at the age of 12, but time of service was reckoned from the age of 19. M&M
1820s Special tax on 'kosher' meat and on Sabbath candles M&M
1830-1831 Poland at war with Russia POG
1830-1831 52 Jews were farming in the Districts of Western Russia including Letichev (Podolia)
1840 Damascus Blood Libel M&M
1842 Jews of Poland forced to discharge military service in person like Russian Jews M&M
1843 Bnai Brit founded in America LZ
1845 Law frobidding the traditional Jewish mode of dress in Poland, as in Russia M&M
1844 A proposal known as Razbor - "to declare Jews as useful". 10,000 Jews applied for status as colonists. Agricultural colonies in Volhynia, Podolia and Kiev established.
1844-1864 Between 1844-1852, 19 Jewish argicultural colonies were established.
1848 Full Emancipation of Jews in France French Revolution M&M
1849 The town renovated SG
1853-1856 Crimean War
1856 Ha-Maggid - first Hebrew weekly established in Russia M&M
19th century Haskalah - Jewish enlightenment in Russia M&M
1860 Alliance Israelite Universelle formed in Paris - chief program the defense of Jewish rights M&M
1861-1865 US Civil War
1863-1864 Guerrilla war in Kingdom of Poland: Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus against Russia POG
1868 Jews receive emancipation in Austria
1869 Jews receive emancipation in Northern German Confederation
1870 Agricultural School Mikveh Israel founded in Palestine M&M
1871 Jews receive emancipation in Southern Germany
1872 Society for the Spreading of Enlightenment among the Jewsof Russia M&M
1873 Union of American Hebrew Congregations formed M&M
1875 Hebrew Union College at Cincinnati opened LZ
1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War
1880 The church was renovated.
Population of 990:
488 men & 502 women;
340 Jews
There were two market days a year, one for horses and one for cattle.
1887 Petach Tikvah founded by Jews from Jerusalem M&M
1880 ORT established in St. Petersburg LZ
1881-1882 Pogroms in Russia - start of 2 decades of immmigration to America M&M
May 1882 'Temporary Rules' (the 'May Rules') which confined the Jews to the towns and townships of the Pale and forbade their settling in the villages. M&M
1882 BILU - Beth Iaakob Leku Unelkah movement established at Kharkov M&M
1884 Jewish Technical School at Zhitomir closed M&M
1880s Hobebe Zion (Lovers of Zion) established with large centers in Odessa & Warsaw M&M
1886 Jewish Theological Seminary opened in NY M&M
1890s ICA - Jewish Colonization Association incorporated by Baron Maurice de Hirsch M&M
1894-5 Trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus in France
1894-1911 Immigration to Argentina (see this site)
1895 Theodore Benjamin Zeev Herzel writes his book 'Jews' State M&M
1897 389 Jewish residents (37%) of population of 1,228 EJLBDH
1897 World Zionist Organization founded LZ
Aug. 1897 First Zionist Congress in Basel
1897 Hativah chosen as national anthem LZ
1899 Jewish Colonial Trust founded M&M
1900s Mizrachi Orthodox party under the leadership of Isaac Jacob Reines M&M
1901 Jewish National Fund founded M&M
1902-1914 29 new settlements started in Palestine with funds of the Zionist Organization M&M
1903 Pogrom in Kishinev
1904-1935 Immigration to America & England (see this site)
1905 Jewish Encyclopedia completed M&M
1905-1906 Pogroms
1905-1914 750,000 Jewish immigrants from Russia to US M&M
1906 American Jewish Committee founded M&M
1906 Bezalel School in Jerusalem founded M&M
1906-1941 Immigration to Palestine (see this site)
1909 Tel-Aviv founded M&M
1911-1913 Beilis Trial M&M
1912 Haddassah founded in NY LZ
1914 Joint Distribution Committee - included American Jewish Joint Distribution (Relief Committee) and relief committees in neutral countries M&M
1914-1918 First World War
American Jewish Congress founded LZ
1915 Zion Mule Corps made up of 600 Palestine refugees in Egypt which fought in Gallipoli. On disbandment formed nucleus of the Jewish Legion for service in Palestine. M&M
1917-1918 British troops capture Palestine from the Turks
Nov. 2, 1917 Balfour Declaration
Feb. 1917 Revolution broke out in Russia
1917 End of czarist government brought the repeal of anti-Jewish laws. M&M
Nov. 11, 1918 Polish Republic restored
1918-1921 Russian Revolution
Jan.1, 1919 Belorussian S.S.R. set up
1919-1920 Polish-Soviet War
Soviet invasion defeated, Republic of Poland remains intact till 1939
Sept 1920 Polish victory at the Neiman River POG
1921 Jewish population had diminished to 255. EJLBDH
1921 World ORT Organization established LZ
1922 Poland victorius in war against Soviet Union. Polish Belarus and Soviet Belarus divided on the west of the Dnieper POG
1922 High Commissioner of Palestine declares Hebrew as an offical language on a par with English & Arabic
1924 Palestine Jewish Colonisation Association founded by Baron Rothschild
April 1925 Hebrew University in Jerusalem formally opened
1929 Pogroms in Palestine LZ
1936 World Jewish Congress founded LZ
1936-1939 Pogroms in Palestine LZ
1939 Belorus reannexed from Poland
4th partition of Poland
Soviet sphere of interest
1939 White Paper - British report recommending against partition of Palestine
Sept. 1939 Germany invades Poland
June 1941 Germans capture Mscibow.
June 22, 1941 Germany invades Russia
late June 1941 Jews were transferred to the Volkovysk transit camp. EJLBDH
26 November 1941 All 260 Jews were deported to Treblinka. EJLBDH
April 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising LZ
August 1943 Bialystok Ghetto Uprising LZ
Sept. 1943 Vilna Ghetto Uprising LZ
by Sept. 1944 Belorus regained by Soviets
May 8, 1945 War in Europe offically over
1945 Stories of 1 Jew surviving and returning after the Holocaust see Carrie Supple
29 Nov 1947 UN partitions Palestine
14 May 1948 State of Israel is declared
1948 War of Independence
1949-1950 Operation Flying Carpet
50,000 Jews from Yemen flown to Israel and 1,770 Jews from Aden.
April 1950 Operation Ezra & Nechamia
130,000 Jews flown from Iraq to Israel.
1956 Sinai Campaign
June 1967 Six Day War
Oct 1973 Yom Kipur War

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