The Broudy Bunch

Research done by Fran Segall

Members of the Broudy family came to the United States in the early 1900s. Dora came in 1911, and Tillie in 1913, leaving their father, Aisik David Brevda, and their mother, Sarah Melnikoff, behind in Mscibow. Both arrived at Ellis Island on their way to Holyoke, Massachusetts to join their cousin, Isaac Broudy.

The only pictures we have of them are from 1920 and 1939.

Left to right:

- Sam Clark, my maternal grandfather, was born Itzik Kletzel, in the Volhynia province (now Ukraine), ca 1895. - Irving Clark, my mother's brother, born in the US in 1918, is sitting on his father's lap. - Jeannette Clark, my mother, was also born in the US. She was born in 1916. - Tillie Broudy, my grandmother's sister, was born in Mscibow, ca 1894. Her name was believed to be Dirtza Brevda, although her surname was spelled Brande on the manifest. - Dora Broudy Clark, my grandmother, was born in Mscibow sometime between 1889 and 1894. Her original name was Dore Brevda, (spelled Brewdi on the manifest).

The wedding of Jeanne Clark and Solomon Strick - February 12, 1939

Only the woman seated on the far left is from Mscibow - Dora Broudy Clark, my grandmother. The others, from left to right are my mother, Jeanne Clark Strick, my father, Solomon Strick, and his mother, Ida Lichtman Strick (born in Stanislawow, Galicia / Ukraine).

Standing from left to right are my maternal grandfather, Sam Clark, my father's brother, Harold Strick, my mother's sister, Edith Clark, and my mother's brother, Irving Clark.