Certificate of Incorporation
  This list is taken from the Certificate of Incorporation which can be found at the YIVO collection at the AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY in New York.  
The objects for which the said corporation is formed:
  To promote fraternalism and benevolence among its members; to comfort, help, aid and assist its members when in sickness or distress; to provide material assistance to its members in case of their sickness or disability, and to provide for death benefits to its members, their husbands or wives, or next of kin, but in no case to provide for a death benefit of more than Four Hundred Dollars ($400) for any member, or a disability benefit of more than Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($350) to any one person in any one year, or both, and further this corporation shall not issue any certificate providing for said death or disability benefits, and it shall be limited in membership to less than one thousand.
  That the work and operation of this corporation are to be conducted in the City of New York and State of New York.
  That the principal office and place of business of said corporation is and shall be located in the Borough of Manhattan, the City and State of New York.
  That the annual meeting of said corporation shall be held on the first Monday in the month of January.
  That the number of Directors of said corporation shall be three.
  That the names and post office addresses of the persons to be the Directors until its first annual meeting are:

It also states that the persons are of full age, residents of the State of New York and at least two thirds of them are citizens of the United States.

Name Address
Directors  till its first annual meeting:
Morris P. Hecht 754 East 161st Street, New York, N.Y.
Nathan Cohen 48 Debevoise Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Elias Klummock 452 Cherry Street, New York, N.Y.
Other Names of Founders of the Association on the Certificate
Nathan Binetzsky  
Isidor Binetzsky  
Reuben Fein  
Avraham Levitt  
Hyman Goldstein  
Hyman Binetzsky  
Solomon Dransky  
Isidor Dransky  
Joe Binetzsky  
Prepared by RAF September 2006