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Körmend, Hungary:
Vas Megye
47°01' 16°36'
195 km WSW of Budapest

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     Körmend is in Transdanubia, the part of Hungary west of the Danube river.  As of 2005, it had a population of 12,379 inhabitants.  At the intersection of highways 8 and 86, it has long been the economic and cultural hub of the district, which bears its name, as well as a frequent stop for travellers on their way from Hungary to Austria.  The Rába river, a tributary of the Danube, runs through town.  Körmend is also known as the "town of storks", for the rare black stork which nests in the district.
     The name Körmend is derived from the Turkic "Curmend", which means "a shallows, a fortified place", or possibly "a castle".

History of Körmend

    includes listings and information about notable Jews living in or originally from the town, as well as photos of the synagogue and a list of the Rabbis of the town.

The Batthyány Palace

     Census and Population Information
      Transcription of 1771 census

st of WWI Jewish war veterans and casualties

The Holocaust

Vas megye Yizkor Book:
     In addition to the necrology, the Vas megye Yizkor Book includes articles on the histories of the following towns:  Szombathely, Jánosháza, Körmend, Köszeg, Nagysimonyi, Celldömölk, Sárvár, Vasvár, Szentgotthárd, Rohonc (Rechnitz), Muraszombat (Olsnitz), Németujvár (Güssing), and Városszalónak (Schleining), as well as an introduction, poetry, personal recollections, short biographies, other general information, and a section in Hebrew with memorial advertisements.  Below are direct links to articles that have been translated so far.  Anyone wishing to help translate or contribute towards a translation is welcome to contact the webmaster.

Pinkas HaKehillot, Hungaria article on Körmend
     This Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities was commissioned by Yad Vashem and published in 1975.

Families of Körmend:

Reunion 2012
     The webmaster visited Hungary and Israel in June 2012 to meet the relatives found as a result of her genealogical research.  Read about her journey, including a day trip to Körmend and a visit with K. Komjáthy, local historian and provider of much of the information on this web site. 

Cemetery tombstones


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Web sites:

The Ghetto Fighters House Archives:


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Map of Jewish owned homes courtesy of the Dr. Batthyány-Strattmann László Múzeum, Körmend, Hungary

images donated by K. Komjáthy courtesy of the Holocauszt Emlékközpont (Holocaust Memorial Center), Budapest, Hungary

Forum: Társadalomtudományi Szemle, XIII.  évfolyam 2011/4 Somorja

NAGY, Zoltan: Körmendi Agyagpipák--M
űködhetett-e agyagpipa-készitő központ a XIX. század eleji Körmenden?
"Clay Pipes of Körmend: Could a Clay Manufacturing Center Have Functioned in Körmend at the Beginning of the 19th Century"
Vas Szemle (Vas Review), Szombathely, HU

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