The Woititz family
by Igor Woititz*


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     My family comes from Körmend, Hungary.  Like all Jewish families of that time they had many children.  The earliest figure known is Adolf WOITITZ born in Körmend around 1813, and his wife Mimi WEISZ born about 1823.  We assume, according to census data and according to the business actitivity of their sons, that the family dealt in trade and/or tailoring.
     Since Körmend was a small town, there were probably not enough opportunities in tailoring for all the children to earn a living.  Therefore, one son, Alexander (Sandor), emigrated to the south and settled in Ivanec (Ivanecz), Croatia, where he owned a general store and a hotel.  In 1879, Sandor married Jeta BLUHWEISS in Varazdin.  Jeta came from a Varazdin family of tailors who had their origins in Krakow, Poland.  Sandor and Jeta had three sons (Leon, Filip and Artur) and three daughters (Helena, Zora and Josipa).
     The youngest son, Artur (pictured below about 1950) was my grandfather.

Artur Woititz


     During the war (1941-1945), all the male members of my family in Croatia died except my grandfather and my father.  Artur died of natural causes in 1951 and my father Boris died in 1989.  


Headstone from the Varazdin Jewish cemetery

     I lived in Varazdin until 1980, but I moved to Slovenia after completing my university studies.  Today we are proud members of the Jewish community of Slovenia. 


Igor WOITITZ (front, far right) and his son Luka (next to him on Igor's right) attending a Holocaust memorial

     I have never visited Körmend in my life, although I live only 80 km (50 miles) away.  In fact, I didn't realize until recently that my ancestors came from Körmend.  I am very grateful to Judy Petersen for all the information collected about my family there.

WOJTITZ family tree in Körmend:

1) Adolf WOJTITZ (1813-1883), married Mimi WEISZ (1823-1877
    2) Fulop WOJTITZ (1839?-?), married Roza/Rozalia GEBER (b. 1853), married 1873.  Fulop was a tailor.  This branch moved to Budapest.
        3) Jakab WOJTITZ (1876, Pest - 1876, Pest)
        3) Lipot WOJTITZ (1875, Pest - 1879, Pest)
        3) Izidor WOJTITZ (1881, Pest - ?)
        3 ) Artur/Aladar WOJTITZ (1883, Pest - 1883, Pest)
        3) Berta WOJTITZ (1886, Pest - ?)
    2) Gyula WOJTITZ (1843-?), married Netti OESTERREICHER (1853-?) in 1877
        3)? (unconfirmed) Samu WOITITZ (1887, Nagy Marton - ?), married Jozefin DANIEL (1897, Kirchtberg - ?).  Samu and Jozefin survived the Holocaust and were
         living at Nagymezo 25, Budapest as of 1946.
    2) Sandor WOJTITZ (1846-1910, Varazdin), married Netti/Jeta BLUHWEISZ (1861, Varasd - 1927, Varazdin) in 1879.  Family of Igor WOITITZ.
    2) Zsigmond WOJTITZ (1848-1887), married Roza KARPELESZ (1854-?) in 1882.
    2) Lipot WOJTITZ (1849-1867).  Died of typhus.
    2) Ferenc (Peter/Franz) WOJTITZ (1852-?)
    2) Anette/Netti (1853?-?), married Moricz/Mor GEBER (1848-?) in 1876.  Moricz was a tailor.
        3) Gyula (Yehuda) GEBER (1877-?)
        3) Henrik (Chaim Tzvi) GEBER (1878-1919), married Roza KLEIN.
        3) Ivan (Itzik) GEBER (1880-?)
        3) Hermina (Blimele) GEBER (1882-?)
        3) Adolf (Aharon) GEBER (1884-?)
        3) Malvin GEBER (1885-?)
    2) Moritz (Moshe) WOJTITZ (1857-?), married Roza KARPELESZ, widow of his brother Zsigmond, in 1888.
        3) Julesa (Yittel) WOJTITZ (1891-?)
        3) Hermina (Blimel) WOJTITZ (1893-?)
        3) Artur (Aharon) WOJTITZ (1894-1945).  Died in Bergen-Belsen.

Other people with the WOJTITZ surname in Körmend:

1) Berta VOTTICZ/WOTTITZ married David KOLLIN
    2) Samu KOLLIN (1877-?); witness Jakab WOTTITZ.
    2) Verona KOLLIN (1880-?)

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