This family is related to the Rechnitzer/Graz families.

     Babetta/Borbala RECHNITZER (1816-1888) was the daughter of Jacob RECHNITZER, the family patriarch.  She married Emanuel/Mano GRÜNBAUM, a physician.  Mano studied medicine in Vienna, and was the first practitioner with a medical degree in Körmend.  The Grünbaum family was a leading medical family in Körmend from the 1830s until WWI.
     Babetta and Mano's son, Samu (1844-1928; surname changed to GERGÕ), was also a physician. 
After completing his medical studies in Vienna in 1868, he spent two years as a hospital physician in the Imperial and Royal Hospital.  He served in the Hungarian Army for a total of 18 years, first as a Chief Medical Officer and then appointed Regimental Officer with the rank of Major in 1877.  In 1880, he was entrusted with organizing the medical facility of the encampment in Pécs.  In 1886, he organized the local Red Cross chapter in Körmend, and that same year took aggressive measures to slow the spread of a cholera epidemic.  Samu advocated for the building of a new hospital, and with the financial backing of his uncle Moritz RECHNITZER, construction began in 1898. In 1895, His Majesty Francis Joseph conferred upon him the rank of Imperial Physician (retired).  Also in 1895, Samu was appointed honorary County Medical Chief of Vas county. He was in charge of healthcare for the entire district.  Samu published articles in many medical journals and was also known for his involvement in many humanitarian organizations.  He also served as a member of the City Legislative Council.  In 194, he was elevated to the ranks of the nobility and received the name prefix KÖRMENDI. 
     Samu's son, Dr. Imre GERGÕ, continued his father's legacy, receiving his medical degree from the Medical University of Budapest in 1901. At the behest of the Red Cross, Imre collaborated with Dr. Lajos Szõllõssy and developed a mobile X-ray machine.  Imre was also an Associate Professor of Medicine.
     Another of Mano's sons, Bela, was a wholesale merchant and was on the board of directors of the "General Savings Bank" of Körmend.
     Descendants of this family live in Australia, England and Hungary (Körmend, Budapest, Zalaegerszeg, Nagy Kanizsa, Miskolc and Szombathely).

1) Babetta/Borbala RECHNITZER (1816-1888) married Emanuel/Mano GRÜNBAUM (1800, Vienna - 1866, Körmend).
    2) Julia GRÜNBAUM (1838-1911) married Sandor PRESZBURGER (1827-?) in 1855.
    2)Roza GRÜNBAUM (1843-1921) married Lazar AGLAR
        3) Gizella AGLAR (1870-1944) married Gyula DEUTSCH (1864-1920)
        3) Leontine AGLAR(1868-1941) married Lajos MEISELS (1859-1939)
            4) Laszlo (Dr.; 1894-1966) married/divorced Gizella Mária Anna LECHNER; partner of E. PAPFALUSY
                 5) daughter
                      6) son
                      6) daughter
                 5) son
                      6) daughter
                 5) daughter
                      6) son

Lazslo Meisels
Leontine MEISELS
Dr. László MEISELS

    2) Samuel/Samu
GRÜNBAUM (1844-1928, surname changed to GERGÕ) married Szara/Karolina KRITSCHMA (1850, Vienna -1934) in 1874.
        3) Jeno
GERGÕ (died young)
        3) Helene/Ilona
GERGÕ (1876-1960) married Colonel Baron Rezsõ BASELLI (1873, Orsova - 1941, Szombathely).

Samu Gergo
Baselli family
The BASELLI children

            4) Robert BASELLI (1902-1910)
            4) Angela BASELLI (1903-1918)
            4) Otto BASELLI (1905-1927)
            4) Rezso BASELLI, Jr. (1907-1946)
        3) Imre
GERGÕ (1877-1933) married Irma HANCSEL(?)
            4) Eva
        3) Gyõzõ
GERGÕ (1878-1919).  A Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, he was captured in Italy during WWI.

Imre Gergo
Imre Gergo and wife
Gyozo Gergo
Imre and Irma GERGÕ

    2) Béla GRÜNBAUM (1846-1921)
    2) Zsofi GRÜNBAUM (1851-?) married Adolf SONNENFELD in 1872.
    2) Kornelia/Nella
GRÜNBAUM (1852-1930) married Benedik SCHLESINGER in 1874.
        3) Olga SCHLESINGER (1875, Nagyszombat-?) married Lajos ABELES (1861, Pozsony-?) in 1899.
            4) Fredi ABELES
                5) son
                5) son

    2) Julius/Gyula
GRÜNBAUM (1854-1928) married Mária TOLVAJ (1891-1977), a Roman Catholic, in 1925.

Gyula Grunbaum
Maria Tolvaj

        3) Erzsebet
GRÜNBAUM (1917-?) married first Gabor LEGATH in 1941
Erzsebet GRÜNBAUM (1917-?) married second Istvan SCHEIBER (1922-?)
            4) Marta SCHEIBER (1950-2000)
            4) son
                5) son
                    6) child
                    6) child
        3) Miklós/Nicholaus
GRÜNBAUM (1912-1999); surname changed to TOLVAJ in 1935, married Erzsebét PALKÓ (1917-2005) in 1940.

Erzsebet Palko
Tolvaj family
Erzsebét PALKÓ
TOLVAJ family

            4) son, <living> in Zalaegerszeg
                5) daughter
                    6) son
                5) son
            4) daughter <living> in Nagy Kanizsa
                5) son <living>
                    6) daughter
                    6) daughter
        3) Bela
GRÜNBAUM (1921-?); surname changed to TOLVAJ, married Ilona KERECSENYI
            4) son
                5) daughter
                5) son
            4) son
                5) son
                5) daughter
            4) son
                5) son
                5) son
    2) Izidor
GRÜNBAUM (1858-?, surname changed to GERGÕ)

hospital plaque
A partial translation of the inscription on the side of the hospital in Körmend:
(white plaque): The 100 year commemoration of the inauguration of the Körmend hospital 2001
(brown plaque): A grateful commemoration of the founders Dr. GERGÓ Samu and Dr. VIZI Henrik
grunbaum family
Information about the GRÜNBAUM/GERGÕ
family on a plaque in Körmend

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