RECHNITZER family tree

     The RECHNITZER family is one of the oldest and most prominent Jewish families in Körmend.  They tended to marry into other prominent families, such as the KAUDERS family and the AGLAR family.  Below is a family tree with links to the pages of the respective branches. 

1) Jacob RECHNITZER (1781-1865) married Charlotte WOLF-SCHREIBER (1781-1864).  Some sources list the mother of known children of Jacob RECHNITZER as Sarolta or Rosalia MATTERSDORFER, so it is possible Jacob had two wives.

    2) Albert RECHNITZER (1811-?).  Not much is known regarding this individual.  It is possible he moved to Mura Szombat.

    2) Rosa RECHNITZER (1812-1901).  Known variously as Eleonora, Laura, Sali.  She married Vilmos KAUDERS  (1805-1872).  She was known as Aunt Sali to the family, and always refused to divulge her age to the youngsters who asked.
        3) Sofie (Resi) KAUDERS (1835-?, died in Graz), married Frigyes (Friedrich) SCHONMANN (1821-?) in 1856.
            4) Bertha SCHONMANN (1857-1941) married Kalman FRISCH/FRITSCH
                5) Gizella FRISCH/FRITSCH (1882-1944) married Kalman LANDEAR (surname uncertain).
            4) Malvine (Reizel) SCHONMANN (1859-?) married Jacob STOLZER (?-?), an attorney, in 1856.
                5) Hans STOLZER (?-?) was an attorney in Graz, Austria.  He converted to Christianity.
                    6) son
                    6) son
        3) Mari KAUDERS (1840-1910), married Salamon (Sandor) AGLAR (?-?) in 1859.
        3) Karoly KAUDERS (1844-1925), a businessman, married Julia SCHWARZ (1848-1915) in 1868.
            4) Sidonie KAUDERS
            4) Vilmos KAUDERS married Frieda FRINE
        3) Roza KAUDERS (1846?-1921), married Moricz GRUNWALD in 1857.
            4) Vilmos GRUNWALD (1867-?) married Emma PICK (1881-?) in 1867.

    2) Babette (Babetta, Borbala) RECHNITZER (1816-1888) married (Mano) Emanuel GRUNBAUM (1800, Vienna -1866).
More information about this family can be found here: RECHNITZER/GRUNBAUM branch

    2) Moritz (Mór) RECHNITZER (1821-1912) married Johanna AGLAR (1831-1911) in 1847.  Moritz was a very tall man, serious but with a sense of humor.  As a journeyman soap and candle maker, he traveled extensively throughout Hungary, Austria, Bohemia, Germany and Switzerland.  He later became master of his guild, and hung his diploma on his office wall.  He was sympathetic to the Zionist movement, unlike the rest of the family who were strong Hungarian nationalists.  He also helped financed the building of the hospital run by his brother-in-law, Mano GRUNBAUM.  Johanna was a very energetic, if severe, woman who ruled the household and worked at her spinning wheel until an advanced age.  The history of this family can be found here: RECHNITZER/Graz

    2) Ignaz RECHNITZER (1848?-?) married Cecilie (Charlotte/Lotti) UNKNOWN.  Ignaz, unlike the rest of the family, was short in stature.  He attended school in Steinamanger (Szombathely, Hungary), where, starting in 7th grade the students were allowed to speak only Latin amongst themselves.  When his father became blind, Ignaz had to leave high school to work in the family soap factory.  When Jews were permitted to return to Graz, Austria after 1867, Ignaz moved there, became a businessman, married, and prospered.  He and his wife, known as Aunt Lotti, lived for a time in Milan, Italy to be close to their daughter, but returned after a few years to Graz, where they both died.  More about this family can be found on the following page:  RECHNITZER/Graz2 as well as More About Franz Menzel and Two Irma Rechnitzers in Lodz

    2) Bernard RECHNITZER (?-?).  Nothing is known of this individual.

    2) Samuel RECHNITZER (?-?) married Hermine ABELES (?-?).  They moved to Pápá, Hungary.  Other RECHNITZER families lived in Pápá as well, but it is not known if they were related.

    2) Salomon RECHNITZER (?-?).  He was known as the millionaire of the family, earning his fortune through road construction.  He lived in Steinamanger (Szombathely), then moved to Vienna.  He married twice, though his wives' names are unknown.  In later years, he moved to London where his son Ernest lived.  He died suddenly while on the East Frisian island of Norderney.
        3) Ernest RECHNITZER (?-?).  Unfortunately, a large part of the family's wealth was lost when Ernest, the head of a conglomerate, invested in the building of the Baghdad railroad, of which the sultan disapproved.

    2) Hermann RECHNITZER (?-?).  The youngest of the family; died young.

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