Moses SCHREINER (SCHRAINER, SRAINER, SRAJNER) shows up on the 1796 census, and by extrapolation, earlier on the 1793 census as Moises Aaron.  No children are listed on the 1796 census, but in 1809 and 1813 he is listed with 2 sons and 2 daughters, 1 son and 1 daughter in 1817, 1 son, a relative and a servant in 1822, then he disappears from the census records, presumably due to his death.  In 1817, Mandl SRAINER is listed with 2 daughters.  In 1831, Aron SRAJNER is listed with 2 daughters.
     My assumption is that Mandl and Aron are the sons of Moses SCHREINER.  Due to presumed birthdates, my best educated guess is that Betti (Blume/Barbara) SCHREINER is his  daughter.  One daughter is unidentified.  Based on presumed birthdates, I also make the assumption that Wilhelmina (Vilma/Velma) and Rachel SCHREINER are the daughters of Mandl and that Rosina SCHREINER is the daughter of Aron SCHREINER.  Known children of Aron SCHREINER are Josephina, Herman, Moricz, Julius, Jakab, Josef and Netti.

     The SCHREINER family lived in Körmend for around 150 years, from the late 1700s to the Holocaust.  Here are the branches and their descendants, as best as is known.  This information has been taken from vital records microfilms and various Holocaust databases.  Anyone with information about any of these families, please contact the webmaster, as I would dearly love to fill in the missing pieces of the family tree, as well as make contact with any living descendants.

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         Miksa/Max SCHREINER family

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         Roza SCHREINER family

1) Moises SCHREINER (about 1770-1830)
    2) Mandl SCHREINER (about 1790-?)
        3) Rachel/Roza SCHREINER (1811-1908), married Izsak FURST (about 1807-1892).  Death records list her parents as Jakab SCHREINER and Matild HOLLMAYER.  However, it is possible that Jakab is either Mandl or the relative listed with Moises in 1822.  Based on her birthdate, it is also possible she is the daughter of Moises SCHREINER.  For now, until there is more conclusive evidence, I will leave her here.
            4) Samu FURST (1840-?), married Ida RICHTER (1854-?) in 1871.
                5) Johanna FURST (Hedvig/Chanah, 1873-1956, Budapest), married Simon FLEISCHNER (1864, Papa - 1909, Papa) in 1899.  They owned a Hotel with a dining facility in Papa, and Johanna ran the business after Simon's early death, as per this notice in the Papa newspaper: "In spite of rumors to the contrary, I hereby state that I shall not transfer or sell the Coffee House, the Hotel and its dining facility and shall continue to lead it in the same spirit as before. The death of my late husband did not cause any kind of change in this enterprise.  Asking the cordial support towards this business by the much esteemed public, I am with respect, the widow of Simon Fleischner."
                    6) René FLEISCHNER (1900, Papa-?)  René survived the Holocaust and was living with his mother in Budapest district V on Pozsonyi u. 33/a as of 1946.
                    6) András FLEISCHNER (1901, Papa-?)
                    6) Laszlo FLEISCHNER (1902, Papa-?), married Terezia SPITZER (1906-?) in Budapest in 1927.
                    6) Erzsebet FLEISCHNER (1906, Papa-?) married Pál KALDI (1900-?) in 1937 in Budapest District IV. On the marriage record, both Erzsebet and Pál are listed as being of the Reformed faith, and Pal was divorced.
                    6) Lili FLEISCHNER (1909, Papa-?)
                5) Mano FURST (Mendel, 1874-?)
                5) Izidor FURST (1876-1876, age 5 months)
                5) Henrik FURST (Hertz, 1877-?) married Margit MARSCHEK (1899-?) in 1920 in Tata.
                5) David Theodor (Tivadar) FURST (1878-1907 of pulmonary tuberculosis), bookbinder's assistant.
        3) Wilhelmina SCHREINER (Vilma/Velma, about 1817-1890), married Samuel LICHT (1810-1887)
            4) Johanna/Hanna/Janka LICHT (1844-?), married Samuel FRITZ (1836-1870) in 1862
                5) Juliana FRITZ (Julia/Dorosh? 1863-1940, Budapest), married Lipot BRUST (Tzvi Aryeh, 1850-1935, Budapest) a cantor and a widower with a daughter, Matilda (Malkah, 1881-1945), in 1887.  Matilda married Abraham WEINBERGER, and they had two children, Margit and Ilona.  Margit/Manci WEINBERGER (1922-1991) married Gabor SINGER (1920-1941?) in 1940.  Gabor was drafted into a labor battalion and never returned.  Margit was very close to her mother in law, who helped her survive the war.  After the war, Margit married Geza TOMAS and they had two sons. This family, including two granddaughters, lives in Hungary today.  Ilona WEINBERGER (1919-2008) married Laszlo BACHRACH in 1940.  Her second husband was Miklos KUN, with whom she had a daughter.  Ilona's daughter and grandson live in California.
                    6) Zoltan BRUST (Shmuel, 1888-1963, Budapest), surname changed to BARABAS.  He married Margit KÁLDOR (1891-1967, Budapest) in 1912.  A violinist, he played in a well known quartet, but had to leave in order to take care of his ill mother.  The other musicians left the country and went on to successful careers.  Zoltan became a bookstore manager and became friendly with many well known artists of the day.
                        7) Magda/Magdolna BARABAS (1913, Budapest - 2010, Budapest).  Her first husband was Pál SCHLEGEL (1910-1945).  Magda survived the war hidden in one of the Swedish safe houses run by Raoul Wallenberg.  She was pregnant at the time.  Remarkably, the baby, her son Peter, survived.  Pál succumbed to illness and exhaustion en route to Budapest after being released from a labor battalion.  A few years after the war Magda remarried György SZÁNTÓ, and they had a daughter.  "Mama Magdolna" was a remarkable woman who had much love for her family, which was heartily reciprocated.  Her descendants live in Budapest.  This branch of the family was recently (October 2010) reconnected with the webmaster's, thanks to the use of and facebook!  Even better, in March of 2011, Magda's granddaughter and her husband flew to Israel to attend the wedding of a great granddaughter of Meir LICHT.  This marked the first time in over 100 years that the families were in direct contact with each other!
                            8) Peter SCHLEGEL (1945-2009), married <living>, one child.
                            8) daughter, married <living>, two children and four grandchildren 


Margit BARABAS nee Káldor, Magda BARABAS and Zoltan BARABAS (BRUST)
date unknown

                    6) Margit BRUST (1890-?), married Izidor BAUER.  Survived the Holocaust, living Csanadi 8, Budapest in 1946.
                    6) Miksa BRUST, lived one day, 1891
                    6) Katalin BRUST (1893-?)
                5) Rosin FRITZ (Zseni/Rikla, 1864-1940, Budapest), married Zsigmond KRAUSZ / KOVESI, (1852-?) in 1891.  Her husband was the head of the train station in Körmend.  Later, they moved to Budapest, residing at 29 Kreszgeza St., and then Komarom.
                    6) Elizabeth KOVESI (1892, Budapest -?) married Pal LOWY / KORMENDI (1888-?) in 1918.
                    6) Mici KOVESI (?-?).  married ?
                        7) Gabor ? (?-?)
                        7) Janos ? (?-?)
                    6) Paula KOVESI (1896, Budapest - ?) married Máté UNGER / UJFALVY (1892-?) in 1920 in Budapest. Paula is listed as a Roman Catholic on the marriage register.
                    6) Terezia KOVESI (1898, Komarom-?) married Oszkar ROSENHEIM / REVESZ (1890, Gyor -?) in 1922.
                    6) Anna KOVESI (?-?)
                    6) Piroska KOVESI (1900, Komarom-?) married László BALOG (1898, Kalosca, Pest - ?) in 1927 in Budapest.
                5) Rosalia FRITZ (Rakhel Leah, 1866-1869)
                5) Moritz FRITZ (Moshe, 1868-1942, Vienna), married Clara GUTFREUND (1875-?) in 1894 in Vienna, where he and his younger sister Cornelia (Nelly) were in business together, as owners of several leather factories.
                     6) Wilhelm/Willy FRITZ (1915, Vienna - 2012, Montreal, Canada).  He immigrated to Montreal, Canada, where he married Phyllis ISHERWOOD (?-2000).  They were married for 54 years.  Magda BARABAS' family (above) has in their possession letters Willy wrote to them after the war, describing the "care packages" they sent to assist Magda and her family.  A great attachment to and sense of responsibility for their family shines through in these letters.
                         7) <living> son
                         7) <living> son
                         7) <living> son
                5) Jakab FRITZ (Yakov, 1870-1872)
                5) Gizella FRITZ (Gitel, 1872-1944), married Adolph POLLAK (1866, Pinkafeld, Austria-?) in 1896.
                    6) Margit POLLAK (1899-1945) married Zoltan WEISZ
                    6) Zoltan POLLAK.  He survived the Shoah and married.
                        7) Tibor/Eli POLLAK (?-?) moved to Israel after the War of Independence, then to Toronto, Canada. 
                            8) <living> son.  married.
                                9) <living> daughter
                                9) <living> son
                                9) <living> daughter
                                9) <living> daughter
                           8) <living> daughter.  married.
                                9) <living>
                                9) <living>
                        7) Yitzchak POLLAK (?-?) His family lives in Israel.
                5) Miksa FRITZ (Meir Hirsch, 1873-1873, lived 14 days)
                5) Cornelia FRITZ (Nella/Liebel, 1874-?), married Josef BOSANYI (1875, Vienna-1937, Vienna) in 1907 in Vienna, Austria.  They owned several leather factories in Vienna with her older brother Moritz FRITZ, above.  No children.
                5) Irma FRITZ (Rochla, 1876-1877)
                5) Paula FRITZ (Faigele, 1879-1880, died of convulsions)
                5) Gyozo FRITZ (Avigdor, 1880-1881, died of epilepsy)
                5) Franciska FRITZ (1882-1966), married Bela/Sandor LEVAY in 1917 in Szombathely, where Bela was a geographical engineer.  No children.
            4) Jakab LICHT (1845?-?), married Roza SINGER (1851-?) in 1870.  An iron dealer, Jakab moved with his family to Szabadka (now Subotica, Serbia).
                5) Samu LICHT (Yehoshua, 1871-?), married Adel STERN.
                5) Hermin LICHT (Chanah, 1873-1873, lived 1 month)
                5) Miksa LICHT (Meir, 1875-?) married Erszebet/Rivka SINGER, related to Miksa's mother Roza SINGER.  ****Meir LICHT success story:  One of Meir's grandson's submitted Pages of Testimony to Yad Vashem for his family.  A private researcher in Israel put me in touch with him and he was able to confirm our relationship.
                     6) Vilma (Gitel Ibolya,/Ibus 1904, Szabadka-194?, Auschwitz), married Jakob/Yakov Zvi (Hasi) SCHON (1902-?).  Spent time in Janoshalma, Bonyhad, Monor, Neusalz, Flossenberg and Bergen Belsen before being transferred to Auschwitz.
                     6) Avraham/Akos (1906, Szabadka-1943, Auschwitz), married twice?  Lived in Pestzenterzsebet.
                     6) Pista Istvan (Shmuel, 1908, Szabadka-194?).  Spent time in Janoshalma and Ternovoje during the war.  Conflicting records list his death at either Auschwitz or in a labor battalion.
                     6) Klari Perl (1910, Szabadka-1944?, Auschwitz).  Klari spent time in Monor, Neusalz, Flossenburg, and Bergen Belsen before being transferred to Auschwitz.
                     6) Yoska (Yosef, 1915, Szabadka-194?, Auschwitz), a glazier.
                     6) Mihay (Mishi, 1917-194?, Auschwitz)
                     6) Veronika (?-?)
                     6) Margit (1920-1997, Israel) married Majse SCHON (the brother of Hasi, who married Margit's sister Vilma) in 1946. 
                         7) <living> son.  born in Bonyhad, emigrated to Israel in 1957. married.
                             8) <living> son.  married.
                                  9) <living> daughter
                                  9) <living> son
                             8) <living> son. married.
                                  9) <living> daughter
                                  9) <living> daughter
                                  9) <living> son
                         7) <living> son. born in Bonyhad, emigrated to Israel in 1957, married.
                             8) <living> daughter.  married.
                                  9) <living> daughter
                             8) <living> son
                             8) <living> son
                             8) <living> daughter
                         7) <living> son.  born in Bonyhad, emigrated to Israel in 1957.  married.
                             8) <living> daughter.  married.
                                 9) <living> daughter
                                 9) <living> twin daughter
                                 9) <living> twin son
                             8) <living> daughter.  married.
                                 9) <living> daughter
                             8) <living> son
                5) Aladar LICHT (Avram, 1878-1878, lived 1 month)
                5) Vilma LICHT (Meshel?, 1880-?) married Dezso HUBERT.
                     6) Gyorgy (Gyurka, 1907, Szabadka-1943), died in a labor battalion.
                5) Odon LICHT (?-?), married Rozsi UNKNOWN (?-?)
                     6) Gyurka LICHT (?-?)
                5) Zoltan LICHT (Eliezer, 1886-?), married Ilus KEMENY (?-1943).  Surname changed to LORANT.  Zoltan had the title of Dr. and was the head of the Jewish community in Szabadka.  Descendants of this family live in Israel. 
                    6) Tibi (Tuvia Yakov) (?-?), married Kati UNKNOWN.  The family lives in Israel.
                        7) <living> son
                        7) <living> daughter.  married.
                            8) <living> son.

Meir Licht


Meir (Miksa) LICHT

Meir (Miksa) LICHT family
ca. 1955
The man on the top left is the husband of the woman holding the infant.
The woman holding the infant is a daughter of Meir (Miksa) LICHT.
Their other two sons are on each end of the bottom row. 
This family now lives in Israel.

            4) Regina LICHT (1848-1915), married Jozsef SCHREINER (1842-1879, Vienna), son of Aron SCHREINER, probably a first cousin to Regina LICHT), a shoemaker, in 1872.
                5) Arnold SCHREINER (Aharon, 1873-1940, Frankfurt am Main), an actor and humorist, married Helene (Ilona) HARNISCH (1891, Rodelheim -?; Evangelical faith), an artist, in 1916 in Frankfurt am Main.  Address as time of death: Hegelstrasse 6II, Frankfurt am Main.
                    6) Ruth Ilona SCHREINER (1914-?)
                5) Julius SCHREINER (1875, Vienna - 1920, Vienna), married Bertha KOLLMAN in 1909.
                5) Matild SCHREINER (1879-Shoah?), married Salamon/Samu FELLNER (1877-Shoah?), a store assistant, in Papa in 1909.
                    6) Josza/Jozefa FELLNER (b. 19??,Papa-d. 194?, Shoah) married Ferenc BLAU (?-194?), a master weaver and weaving mill owner, in 1939.
                        7) Miklos Zsigmond BLAU (16 Jul 1943, Papa-194?)
                    6) György FELLNER (1913, Papa-?), was reported missing from a Hungarian labor battalion on 14 Jan 1943; he was probably captured in the city of Boldirevka. 
György survived the Shoah and changed his surname to FONO in 1947. He married and had a son; 2 granddaughters and a great granddaughter.
                    6) Laszlo FELLNER (died in the Shoah); married with two daughters and four granddaughters
                    6) Andor FELLNER; (1914, Papa-?) married with a daughter, two granddaughters and three great grandsons.
                ?5) Eduard SCHREINER (1884?-?).  As of 1920 he was living in Germany. Relationship unconfirmed.
            4) Maria LICHT (Marie/Malkah, 1852-1919, Cleveland, OH), married Salamon STOSZEL (1837?-1909, Cleveland, OH), divorced, a cantor, in 1875.  *This is the family of the webmaster*


date unknown

            4) Moses LICHT (Mor/Moritz, 1854-1855)
            4) Sigmund LICHT (Zsiga, 1855-1906, Vienna), married Emma POKORNY (1858, Horitz-1908, Vienna) in 1885 in Pozsony (Bratislava).  Sigmund was a merchant and they moved to Vienna.  No children.
            4) Solomon LICHT (Zalman, 1857-1858, died of diphteria/mumps)
            4) Moriz LICHT (Moshe/Emanuel/Mano, 1859-1915, Pittsburgh, PA), a tailor, married Julia KELLNER (1870-1938, Pittsburgh, PA).  This family lived in Györ, Hungary, prior to coming to the U.S.
                5) Jacob LICHT (1886, Györ - 1919, Syracuse, NY), married Mae BEERS.
                5) Alexander LICHT (1892, Györ - 1955, Pittsburgh, PA), married (first wife) Rose UNKNOWN (1894-1930).  Al was a furniture salesman and union leader.  After Rose's death, he married Jessie HOROWITZ BRUDER, who had a daughter.  Al became her step-father and was much beloved by his step-daughter.
                    6) Emanuel (1923-?).  After his mother died, Emanuel was raised by his grandmother Julia.  He lived in Miami Beach, FL as of 1955.
                5) Minnie LICHT (1896, Pittsburgh-1964, Dade county FL), married Ned (Nachman) CAPLAN (1896?-1971, Dade county FL) in 1917.  Minnie was an invalid who used a cane and a wheelchair.  They lived in Florida.
                    6) Julian CAPLAN (1914?-?), married/divorced.
                    6) Ida CAPLAN (1920-?), married a man with the surname of REILLY.
                    6) Louise CAPLAN (1921-2001, Pittsburgh), aka Louise MONDAY
                    6) Jack S. (Sonny) CAPLAN (1922-?)
                    6) Hyla CAPLAN (1923-?), also went by the name of Hyla CARR.  She married Lawrence aka Larry NISSINOFF.  The surname was changed to NELSON.
                    6) Martin CAPLAN (1925-1986); married to Tempest STORM, burlesque star.
                    6) David CAPLAN (1928-1964, Pittsburgh)
                    6) Maretta CAPLAN  (19??-?)
                    6) Robert CAPLAN (19??-?)
    2) Betti SCHREINER (Blume/Barbara, 1797-1878) married Salamon FURST (1791-1869), a merchant.
        3) Emanuel FURST (Mano, 1824-1873), a tailor, married Katarin ROTHMAN (1821-1897)
            4) David FURST (David Hirsch, 1858-?), married Terez WEISZ (1858-?) in 1884
                5) Mano FURST (1886-?)
            4) Moricz FURST (1860-?)
            4) Henrik FURST (Chaim Hirsch, 1862-1891), a soldier.
        3) Roza FURST (1828-?) married Moricz HAFNER (1827-1898), a bootmaker, in 1853.
            4) Johanna HAFNER (1854-?)
            4) Antonia HAFNER (1855-?), married Albert FRITZ-LOVI (1852-?) in 1855.
                5) Samuel FRITZ-LOVI (1877-?)
                5) Minna FRITZ-LOVI (1885-1886)
            4) Ignacz HAFNER (1857-1869)
            4) Albert HAFNER (Bela, 1859-?)
            4) Herman HAFNER (Hirsch, 1862-1862, lived 21 days)
        3) Czeczilie FURST (1831-1915) married Karoly FRITZ (Karl, 1831-1925) in 1857.
            4) Netti FRITZ (Anetti/Esther, 1858-1860)
            4) Gyula FRITZ (Yehuda, 1860-1922), married Roza RAAB in 1888.
                5) Arpad FRITZ (1896, Győr -?) married Margit KRAUSZ (1900, Budapest -?) in 1921 in Budapest.
                5) Gustav FRITZ (1897, Győr - 1945? Auschwitz?)
                5) Mathias FRITZ (1899 Győr-1945, Auschwitz), a barber,  married Frida HERLAND (1893, Vienna - 1977, Santa Barbara, CA) in 1914.  After the birth of their 3 children, as it was not a good marriage, Mathias and Frida separatedI was able to find this branch of the family thanks to autosomal DNA results.  I contacted a woman who had 3 surnames matching my family, who managed a DNA account for a different member of the family, and was able to put me in touch with the daughter of Ernestine FRITZ and Leo ZITRON.  Ernestine's daughter had a family tree confirming Mathias' parents and grandparents.
                    6) Alfred/Fredi FRITZ (1914, Vienna - 1945, Mauthausen).  Alfred fell on some barbed wire as a child, and injured his eye, which eventually had to be removed.  He had a glass eye the rest of his life.  He was an engineer who worked first in Brünn, Czechoslovakia and later Paris, France.  A dediated communist, he worked for the Resistance making false papers.  At one point, he visited his sister and mother, who had escaped to Basel, Switzerland, and had the opportunity to stay, but chose to return to France to help others.  He was living with his fiance, Lilly, a Polish woman, when they were rounded up with Lilly's mother and sent to Drancy.  On the transport train to Auschwitz, Alfred had the chance to escape, but Lilly wouldn't leave her mother, so Alfred remained with them.  Later sent to Mauthausen, he participated in a prisoner uprising and was executed by a firing squad just 2 months prior to liberation.  Alfred is memorialized on the wall of the Musee de la Shoah in Paris.  Lilly survived the war, married a man named AUCHMANN, and lived into her 90s.
                   6) Blanca FRITZ (1915, Vienna - 1977, Santa Barbara, CA).  She was a hairstylist.  She escaped to England with her mother Frida after the Anschluss in 1938, where they both worked as domestics--Blanca as a maid and Frida as a cook with a major hotel in Surrey.  She married 3 times, and emigrated to the United States with her second husband.  They settled in Santa Barbara, CA, where Blanca resumed her career as a hairstylist and had many devoted customers.  No children.
                   6) Ernestine FRITZ (1921, Vienna - 2004, Santa Paula, CA).  Ernestine was able to escape to Switzerland with false papers, where she met her future husband, Leo ZITRON (1912, Tarnopol -1997, Santa Barbara, CA).  Leo was a plumber, and even had Sigmund Freud as a client, though they never met face to face.  Leo escaped by climbing over a border wall to get to Switzerland and made his way to Basel, where the Jewish community helped him get a job working on roads.  They were able to immigrate to the US in 1950, thanks to a relative of Leo's who sponsored them.
                        7) living daughter
                        7) Paul Alfred ZITRON (1944-2011).  He married three times, and had a daughter with his first wife.
                             8) living daughter
                                  9) living daughter
                                       10) living daughter
                                  9) living daughter
                5) Aladar FRITZ (?-?) married Mina UNKNOWN.  According to relatives, he was a "nice man who smoked too much".  They lived in Vienna.
                    6) Gertrude (Trude; 1924, Vienna -1981?), also a very nice lady according to relatives.  She married Richard BÄCKER, a banker.  They survived the war in France.
                        7) René (1958-?)

Fritz Zitron
Alfred Fritz
Blanka Fritz
Ernestine Fritz

L to R, standing: baby, unknown, unknown, Mathias FRITZ, Toni (wife of Richard), Richard HERLAND.  L to R, seated: Adele (sister of Frida HERLAND FRITZ), Mina (wife of Alada FRITZ), Fried HERLAND FRITZ, Roza RAAB FRITZ, Paula HERLAND, Louis UNKNOWN (husband of Paula).  Seated on floor L to R: Gertrude FRITZ, Blanca FRITZ, unknown, Alfred FRITZ, Ernestine FRITZ.  Photo taken probably late 1920s, either Vienna, Austria, or Györ, Hungary.

Alfred FRITZ

Blanka FRITZ

Ernestine FRITZ

            4) Mari FRITZ (Miriam, 1862-1862, lived 3 months)
            4) Rozsinka (Roza/Zseni, 1863-1914) FRITZ married Lipot (Pál) REICHENFELD (1855-1924) in 1888.
                5) Jeno REICHENFELD (Shimon, 1890-1962, Budapest VI), married Hedvig WALDAPFEL in 1920 in Bratislava.  Surname changed to ROMAN in 1912.  Survivor records list him as Dr. Jeno ROMAN.  Jeno, Hedvig and their son Pál survived the Shoah and were living in Budapest district VI, on Sziv u. 15 as of 1946.
                    6) Pal (1925-?) 
                5) Jozsel REICHENFELD (Yosef Levi, 1892-?) married Ilona DAVID (1902, Maramaros Sziget -?) in 1922 in Budapest.
            4) Miksa FRITZ (Max/Meier, 1865-1927).  A physician, Miksa attended medical school in Vienna.  He married Sarolta/Charlotte BIEL in 1897.
                5) Laszlo FRITZ (1901?-1919)
                5) Klara FRITZ (1901-?) married Bodog KOPSTEIN (1898, Vienna-?), a physician, in Körmend in 1920.
            4) Moricz FRITZ (Moshe, 1868-?), married Eugenia SCHVARZ (1873-?) in 1894 in Sopron.
            4) Samu FRITZ (Shlomo, 1870-1936), married first wife Irma EISENSTADTER (1877-1932).
                5) Miklos FRITZ (1910-1944), married Olga SPITZER (1912-1944)
                    6) Irma Maria FRITZ (1937, Szombathely - 1944, Auschwitz)
                    6) Marika FRITZ (?, Zala-194?)
            4) Samu FRITZ (Shlomo, 1870-1936) married second wife Maria VEGH (1894, Budapest -?) in 1933.
            4) Ede FRITZ (Anzil? 1873-1939, of heart failure) married Ida BRAUN.  This family lived in Budapest.
                5) Istvan FRITZ (1903-1945, Auschwitz), married Olga ELEFANT.
                5) Magda FRITZ (1904-2006), married Herbert BRAUN (1900, Knittelfeld-2005), a salesman, in 1930. The family immigrated to the United States in 1940 and lived in Pennsylvania.
                    6) daughter, born in Graz; married.
            4) Nella FRITZ (Esther, 1877-1944), married Jozsef STEINER (1877, Janoshaza -1944) in 1905.  This family lived in Marcali, Somogy megye.
                5) Lajos STEINER (Dr., 1905, Janoshaza - 1944, Auschwitz). Lived in Sopron. Records list him as "Dr.".
        3) Mari FURST (1844-1913?) married Sandor (Alex) HASZ (HAAS/HAAZ, 1843-?) in 1866.
            4) Izidor HASZ (Yisrael, 1866-1882, of typhoid fever)
            4) Etelka HASZ (Elkil?, 1868-?)
            4) Roza HASZ (Ruzsinka, 1869-?) married Dr. Lajos LAUFER (1865-?) in 1896.  They lived in Budapest.
                5) Erzsebet (1896, Czinkota -?) married Otto BENEDICT (1888-?) in 1918.
            4) Alfred HASZ (Avraham, 1871-?) married Anna RIPPER (1882, Zsolna-?) in 1901 in Zsolna.  The family lived in Czinkota, Pest megye.  Anna survived the Holocaust and was living on Katona Jozsef utca 55 in Budapest as of 1946.
                5) stillborn HASZ (1903)
                5) Margit HASZ (1905, BP -?) married Geza ERDELYI / EHRENFELD (1892, BP-?), a divorced man, in 1937 in Budapest. It is unknown if  witness László HAASZ was a relative.
    2) Aron SCHREINER (Arnold/Armin, 1805?-?), a merchant, married Leni (Leonora/Eleonora/Helen) HIRSCH (1808-1893).
         3) Rosina SCHREINER (Rosalie/Rosalia/Roza/Rosi, 1828-1904), married Wilhelm (Farkas/Vilmos, 1823-1902) RITSCHER (RITSER/RICSER), a grocer.  Death records list Rosina's parents' as Adam SCHREINER and Karolin HIRSCH, however, I think this is a close enough match.
             4) Mari RITSCHER (1851-?) married Salomon KORN (1846-?) in 1876.
             4) Aharon Adolf RITSCHER (Aharon, 1853-?), married Katalin WOHLMUTH (1851-1916, Budapest) in 1886.
                 5) Ede RITSCHER (1887-1943), surname changed to ROHONYI, married Roza GARA (1891-?) in 1919 in Budapest. Records list him as "Dr."
             4) Emilie RITSCHER (Meina/Malkah, 1855-?) married Albert KAUFMAN in 1886.
             4) Adolf RITSCHER (1857-?)
             4) Josef RITSCHER (1858-?), married Erzsebet PINTER (Babet/Betti/Borbala, 1859-1928) in 1885.
                 5) Katalin RITSCHER (1885-?), married Adolf KATZBURG (1878-?), a widower, in 1925.
                 5) Mano RITSCHER (Mano, 1886-?)
                 5) Jakob Jeno RITSCHER (Yakov Yitzchak, 1888-?) married Rosi FRITZ (1896-?) in 1918.
                 5) Samu RITSCHER (Zalman, 1890-?)
                 5) Lajos RITSCHER (Laszlo, 1894-?), married Margit LUKACS (1896, Tiszabo-?).  This couple survived the Holocaust and were living in Budapest district VII on Csengery u. 23 as of 1946.
                 ?5) Soma RITSCHER (1895-1945) married Marianna SEIDNER.  Unsure if this person is the same as Samu RITSCHER, above.
                 5) Adolf RITSCHER (1896-1938, Budapest) married Livia GABOR.
                 5) Rosalia RITSCHER (Piroska?, 1899-?), married Sandor HERSKOVITS.  This couple survived the Holocaust and were living with Rosalia's brother Lajos, above, in Budapest district VII on Csengery u. 23 as of 1946.
             4) Leopold Albert/Bela RITSCHER (Albert/Avraham Leib, 1861-?), a shoemaker, married Mari HIRSCHLER (1868-?) in 1886.  He survived the Holocaust.
                 5) Ilona RITSCHER (1898, Szt. Lorinc, Baranya -?)
                 5) Lazslo RITSCHER (1901, Szt. Lorinc, Baranya-?)
                 5) Vilmos RITSCHER (1903, Szt. Lorinc, Baranya-?)
             4) Hermina RITSCHER (Johanna/Janka/Hendel, 1863-?) married Jakab KORN (1866-?) in 1894.
                 5) Marczi KORN (Moshe, 1894-?)
                 5) Lenke KORN (1897-1975, Budapest), married Jeno FARKAS.  This couple survived the Holocaust and were living on Karpat u. 3 in Budapest as of 1946.
                 5) Salamon KORN (1898-?)
             4) Minni RITSCHER (Mindel, 1866-?)
             4) Katharina RITSCHER (Gitel, 1868-1868, lived 3 months)
             4) Salamon RITSCHER (Samu/Shlomo, 1870-1935, Budapest VI) married Rene NEUMANN (1882-194?; deported from Zala). In vital records he is listed as "Dr.".
         3) Josephina SCHREINER (Jozefin/Pepi, b. 1832 in Nadasd-1913) married Julius KOHN (Gyula/Juda, 1825-1881), a shoemaker, in 1856.  This family lived in Vasalja (Vasalla), Hungary.
             4) Adolf KOHN (Aharon, 1857-1888)
             4) Rosalie KOHN (Sorel, 1861-1861, lived 9 days)
             4) Albert KOHN (Avraham Leib, 1862-?) married first wife Henrietta/Jetti SINGER (1863, Tarcza -?) in 1895 in Pest.  Surname changed to KÖRMENDI in 1904.
                 5) Regina KOHN/KÖRMENDI  (Rivka, 1891, Pest-1944, BP), married Samuel KLAPHOLTZ (1882, Vienna - 1944?), a widower, in 1928 in Budapest. Samuel's first wife was Rachel/Regina JOVU (1879-1927).  It is unknown whether they had any children.
                 5) Gyula KOHN/KÖRMENDI (1893, Pest-?) married Janka ADLER (1897, Hull, Bars megye -?) in 1920 in Budapest.
             4) Albert KOHN/KÖRMENDI (Avraham Leib, 1862-?) married second wife Fanni SCHMIDEK (1872, Nagylevard, Pozsony megye-?) in 1897 in Budapest.
                 5) Marcel KÖRMENDI (1899, Budapest - 194?) married Katalin SELIGMANN (1901, Budapest-?), a divorcee, in 1928.
                 5) Ilona KÖRMENDI (1908-1974) married Denes HARMAT (1906-1984).
                 5) Aladar KÖRMENDI (1903-1945) married Margit Erzsebet BOGAR.
                 5) Imre KÖRMENDI (1906-?), survived the Holocaust and lived at Szondy ut. 37 immediately after the war.
             4) Max KOHN (Miksa/Meier Hirsch, 1864-1929) married Julia FLESCH (1860, Komjat-1938) in 1895 in Pest.  Surname changed to KORMENDI in 1906.
                 5) Erzsebet KOHN (1898, Budapest-?)
             4) Sali KOHN (Sarel? 1867-?)
             4) Vrador Fulop KOHN (Avigdor, 1870-?)
             4) Herman KOHN (Chaim Tzvi, 1873-1926) married Helene KRAMER (1885-?) in Vienna in 1909.  Surname changed to KÖRMENDI in 1896.  He was a furniture dealer.
                 ?5) Edward KÖRMENDI (1910, Vienna-194?). unconfirmed relationship.
                 ?5) Grete KÖRMENDI (1918, Vienna-194?). unconfirmed relationship.
         3) Herman SCHREINER (1832?-1910, Szombathely) married first wife Katarina POLLAK (Kati/Kata, 1836-1881)
             4) Mari SCHREINER (Chana, 1863, Macknehaza -1896), married Vilmos DEUTSCH (1863-?) in 1886.
                 5) Armin DEUTSCH (Aharon, 1886-?)
                 5) Katalin DEUTSCH (Gitel Chaya, 1887-?), married Miklos GODA (1884-?), a Roman Catholic, in 1911 in Budapest.
                     6) Maria GODA (1912-?)
                 5) Fani DEUTSCH (Fraydel, 1889-1985), married Jeno KLAPHOLZ (1885-?) in 1913 in Budapest.
                     6) Maria (Mariska) KLAPHOLZ (1913-1914; died age 6 months)
                     6) Ilona KLAPHOLZ (1914-?) married Ferenc SINGER (1915-?) in 1936 in Budapest.
                     6?) Miksa KLAPHOLZ (1915, Budapest - 1943); died in a labor battalion. unconfirmed relationship.
                 5) Ivan DEUTSCH (1892-?) married Terezia LOWI (1898-?) in 1929 in Budapest.
                 5) Margit DEUTSCH (Mirel, 1894-?)
                 5) Miksa DEUTSCH (1896-1896)
             4) Rezi SCHREINER (Riza/Terez?/Raizel, 1864-1944) married Kalman FISCHBEIN (1866, Kaszyce, Poland-1938, Budapest) in 1889.  This family lived in Budapest, District VI, on Szerecsen utca 13.
                 5) Arnold/Ede FISCHBEIN (1891-1891, lived 3 months.  Born in Budapest, buried in Körmend).
                 5) Moricz FISCHBEIN (Moshe, 1892-1895)
                 5) Katalin FISCHBEIN (Gitel, 1894-?)
             4) Julia SCHREINER (Julie/Tzirtel, 1867-1868)
             4) Hermina SCHREINER (Mina/Mindel, 1869-1944?) married Zsigmond GUTTHARD (1872-194?) in 1897.  This family lived in Szombathely.
                 5) Katalin GUTTHARD (1899-1899; lived 25 days)
                 5) Unknown daughter (1897-1944), married Josef SCHER. Probably deported to Kisvarda prior to Auschwitz.
                 5) Margit GUTTHARD (1901, Szombathely-1944?, Auschwitz)
             4) Adolf SCHREINER (Aharon, 1873-1877, of diphtheria/mumps)
             4) Ignacz SCHREINER (1859-1889), a tinsmith, married Mari GROSZ (1863-?) in 1886.  They lived in Budapest.
                 5) Jozsef SCHREINER (1887-1887; lived one month, died of gastroenteritis)
                 5) Dezso SCHREINER (1888-?)
         3) Herman SCHREINER (1832?-1910, Szombathely) married second wife Zsofi WEISZENSTERN nee KAUFMANN (1844-1907) in 1886.  Zsofi was a widow.  She had previously been married to Mor WEISZENSTERN. Zsofi had 5 children from her first marriage:  Roza born 1872 who married Jozsef FRIEDENFELD in 1898 and they had three children: Mor (1890-1902), Jolan (1899-?) who married Jeno BRANDL in 1921 and Mor (1902-?); Lajos (1875-1945), surname changed to VERMES, who married Szidonia/Szandi LICHTNER (1873-?) in 1902 in Budapest; Beno (1879-1901), Jozsef (1868-?), an accountant, surname changed to VERMES, who married Katalin SZABO (1869-?); and Zseni/Sarolta (1871-?) who married first Chaim SZABO/FRITS (1876-?) in 1902 and second Miksa WEISZ/VECSEI (1855, Balassagyarmat) in 1906.
             4) Jozefa SCHREINER (Mayrel?, 1887-?)       
         3) Moricz SCHREINER (Mor, 1834-1879), a merchant, married Babette POLLAK (Betti, 1843-1936) in 1861.
             4) Hermina SCHREINER (Chava, 1863-?) married Rafael EPPINGER (1863-?) in 1887.    
Hermina Schreiner
Hermina (nee SCHREINER) and her husband Rafael EPPINGER with their daughter Medea; date unknown
                 5) Medea EPPINGER married Carlo BRUKNER (died 194?).
                      6) son
                          7) son
                          7) son
                      6) daughter
                          7) daughter
                 5) Alma EPPINGER married Pista LEDERER, husband of her cousin Ella SCHREINER after their divorce.
                 5) Georg EPPINGER
             4) Berta SCHREINER (Blime, 1866-1943) married Jakab GRUNBAUM in 1896.  They lived in Varazdin, Croatia.
                 5) Lily GRUNBAUM (died 194?), married Hans IVANEK (died 194?).  He was a non-Jew and the director of a mine in Croatia.  During WWII, Hans provided Croatian partisans with dynamite which enabled them to blow up railway lines used by the Ustashe (Croatian Nazis). On one occasion, the dynamite failed to explode and the Ustashe were able to trace the dynamite to his mine.  He and Lily were arrested.  Despite the intervention of friends and the offer of a huge ransom, they were both hanged by the Ustashe for aiding the partisans.
                     6) son
                         7) son
                         7) son
Lilly Grunbaum Ivanek

             4) Czilli SCHREINER (Tzirtel, 1868-1869 of diphtheria/mumps), twin to Malvin.
             4) Malvin SCHREINER (1868-1944?), married Ignacz DEUTSCH (1867-?) in 1893.  Twin to Czilli.  This family also lived in Varazdin, Croatia.
             4) Ottilia SCHREINER (Toibeh, 1870-1871)
             4) Roza SCHREINER (1872-?, Pag Island concentration camp) married Armin (Mordechai) SCHREINER (1874, Koprivnica - 1942; son of Gyula/Yulius SCHREINER and Hani nee LOFFLER. Roza and Armin were first cousins.  This family lived in Zagreb, Croatia, where they owned the Zagorka brick and ceramics factory.  See the SCHREINER-Koprivnica page for more information.
                 5) Ferdinand/Ferdo SCHREINER (1901-1942, Auschwitz), married first Greta WEISZ (1899, Hodonin, Slovakia-1943) in Zagreb in 1927, with whom he had his two children.  He and Greta divorced and Ferdo then married Stefania RACZ (1906-1942).
                     6) Helga SCHREINER (1936-1943)                                                                                                          
                     6) son
                         7) daughter
                         7) son
                             8) daughter
                 5) Ella SCHREINER (1902-?), a biologist, married Pista LEDERER, then divorced in the 1930s.  She escaped to Italy with her son and was held in a series of internment camps in Italy until the war ended.  After the war she became a nurse and moved to Switzerland.
                     6) Fedor LEDERER married Jeanine UNKNOWN
                         7) son
                 ?5) Hadumi SCHREINER (1908-1942)
                 5) Vladimir SCHREINER (1909-1941), a mechanic; died in a labor camp in the Pag Island concentration camp, Croatia.
                 5) Otto SCHREINER (1912-1941, Saloniki), an architect, married Erzi UNKNOWN. His ship was sunk during the war and all aboard drowned.
                 5) Leo (Arie) SCHREINER (1913-1997, Israel).  Administrative director of the Zagorka factory.  Leo read the signs of the impending war and went to Palestine.  He had tried to convince his family to leave Europe, but they felt an obligation to the factory and stayed.  In Palestine, Leo Hebraicized his first name to Arie changed his surname to ARONI ("Schrein", meaning cabinet, is the quivalent of "aron" in Hebrew.  The "-er" ending was changed to "-i").  Ari joined the British Army and served in the artillery near Haifa.  There he met Itta UNKNOWN (?-2007) and they married in 1943.  After the war, they lived in Kiryat Amal, on a street where others artillerymen lived.  He and Itta have a daughter (adopted), 3 grandchildren and a great grandchild.  Arie worked for awhile in a factory, then in the Haifa court system for many years.  Arie's granddaughter says he was a great man and that everyone who knew him was grateful for the opportunity.  He is much missed by his family.  ***The Success Story link recounts how a random act of genealogical kindness helped me find this family***
                 5) Mira/Miriam SCHREINER (1915-1941, Pag island concentration camp).  A secretary in the Zagorka factory office.
             4) Jeno SCHREINER (Yakov, 1874-1874, lived 20 days, died of smallpox)
             4) Ede SCHREINER (Edo/Edmund/Ahron Hirsch, 1876-1942, Auschwitz), married Berta WEISS nee SCHREINER (1878-1942), sister of Armin SCHREINER who married Ede's sister Roza.  Both Berta and Armin were children of Gyula/Yulius SCHREINER and Hani nee LOFFLER.  Ede and Berta were first cousins. Berta had a two sons from her marriage to Unknown WEISS--Frederick (1900-1959) and Franz.  They lived in Szombathely for awhile and changed their surname to MIKLOS in 1900, then moved to Zagreb.  Ede was an architect.  Berta's oldest son Frederick WEISS (surname changed to WHITE) worked for the Joint Distribution Committee in Yugoslavia after the war. Younger son Franz WEISS (aka Frank White) also survived the Holocaust and moved to California.
             4) Sarolta SCHREINER (Chaya Sarah, 1878-?), married Adolf KRAUS (1870-?) in 1898.
             4) Chari SCHREINER (1886-1941), married Eugene CAHEN (1878, Berlin-1930, Munich), a merchant, in February 1914 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Chari, also known as Doris, was close to her sister Roza's family in Zagreb.  Returning to Germany in July 1914, Chari and Eugene were on their way to visit their Zagreb relatives when the WWI broke out.  Stranded in Munich, Chari and Eugen subsequently made their home there.  Chari was deported from Munich to Kaunas' 9th Fort on 20 Nov 1941, where she died on 25 Nov 1941.
                 5) daughter CAHEN (living).  Born 1919 in Munich, Germany.  As she had no siblings, the occasional visits to her large extended family in Zagreb were very significant to her.  Her favorite was her cousin Leo, whom she described as something of a "flirt".  After being baptized, she was sent to Scotland in 1939 on a program run by Quakers for "non-Aryan Christian" refugees.  She was trained to be a nurse at Glasgow Hospital.  After marriage and two children, the family emigrated to Australia in the early 1960s as part of a large wave of British emigrants.
                     6) daughter (living), born in Scotland, currently in Australia.
                     6) son (living) in Australia.


Some of the children of Moritz SCHREINER and Babette nee POLLAK ca 1936
Babette is seated left.  Edo is standing behind Babette.  Chari is standing 3rd from left.

         3) Julius/Gyula SCHREINER (1838-1901, Vienna).  Thanks to the assistance of a researcher in Vienna, it has recently (March 2012) been confirmed
that Julius SCHREINER is indeed a son of Aron SCHREINER and Leonora HIRSCH.  Please see the Schreiner/Koprivnica page for detailed information about this family.
         3) Jakab SCHREINER (1840-1912) married first wife Karolina HIRSCH (Leonora/Lina, 1848-1888) in 1871.
             4) Arnold SCHREINER (Aharon/Armin, 1872-?), married Erzsebet FISCHER (1883-?) in 1937.
             4) Malvin SCHREINER (Miriam, 1873-1943, Auschwitz), married Henrik HEDWIG (Heinrich, 1869-1942, Terezin).  This family lived in Vienna.
                 5) Josephine HEDWIG (Pepi, 1900, Austria - ?) married Ferdinand STAMMER (1891-?)
                     6) Lilly STAMMER (1920, Austria - ?)
                     6) Otto STAMMER (1925, Austria - ?)
                     6) Lucie STAMMER
                 5) Margarete HEDWIG (Grete, 1903 - 1942? possibly transported from Drancy to Auschwitz) married Paul LINDNER (died 1942? possibly transported from Drancy to Auschwitz).
                 5) Rose HEDWIG married Walter SONNENFELD, who belonged to the Social Democratic Worker's Party. The family fled to Switzerland in March of 1938.
                     6) son; survived the Holocaust, recorded his testimony for the USC Shoah Foundation
                         7) daughter
                         7) daughter
                         7) daughter
                         7) son
                 5) Leopold HEDWIG (1905-1944?), maried Elsa SCHLESINGER.  He was a plumber.  He was sent to Auschwitz and became a forced laborer there.
             4) Lipot (Leopold) SCHREINER (1876-?), married Wilhelmina FELNER (? Rechnitz, - 1941 Brcko, Bosnia-Herzegovina).  They owned a general store with Wilhelmina's family and were prosperous, middle class people.
                 5) Vladislau/Laci (?-1985)  Laci escaped to Shanghai, later went to the U.S. and married there.  His widow is still alive.
                     6) daughter
                 5) Karoline (known as Linush) married Paul WEISS.  Perished in the Holocaust.  No children.
                 5) Ernest (1917, Rechnitz - 2008) married <living>.  He was a student in Vienna during the Anschluss and managed to escape to Switzerland the day after the border was closed.  A police guard looked the other way.  Ernest stayed in Switzerland for a few years, then went to the Dominican Republic around 1939/1940.  The Dominican Republic was the only country to officially accept Jewish refugees during this time.  Eventually he came to the United States. The Schreiners are a close knit family and Ernest and his wife were good friends with Kurt SCHREINER and Ilse nee ROSENBAUM (below).  Ernest recorded his testimony for the USC Shoah Foundation.
                     6) daughter
                         7) son
                         7) son
                     6) daughter
                         7) daughter

ernest schreiner family
top row, left to right: Ladislaus SCHREINER, Karoline WEISS nee SCHREINER, Ernest SCHREINER (siblings)
bottom row, unidentified (probably Malvine HEDVIG nee SCHREINER, aunt), Wilhelmina SCHREINER nee FELNER, mother and Leopold/Lipot SCHREINER, father

             4) Miksa SCHREINER (Moshe/Max, 1878-1942, Treblinka), a tinsmith, married Emilie SIMON (1881, Echzell, Hessen -1942, Treblinka).  He resided in Friedberg, near the synagogue.  Miksa was the shamash of the synagogue.
                 5) Kurt SCHREINER (1905-?), married Ilse ROSENBAUM.  This couple went to New York, where Kurt was very successful in the real-estate business.  They had a winter residence in Miami, Florida.  No children.
                 5) Siegfried SCHREINER (1906-1995, b. Friedberg, d. Argentina), married Sidonie STERNBERG (1908-1999) in 1933.  They moved to Sidonie's hometown of Herborn, Hessen, where Siegfried was a bed linen wholesaler.  They applied to the JCA (Jewish Colonization Association), were accepted as refugees and relocated near Berlin for training in agriculture prior to leaving Germany in 1936.  They arrived in Buenos Aires, then headed directly by train to Colonia Avigdor, a new settlement founded by Baron Hirsch, in the province of Entre Rios, 480 km from Buenos Aires, in the middle of the Pampas.  The family lived there for almost 20 years.  Siegfried has one daughter, two grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  His descendants now reside in Buenos Aires.  **The Success Story link recounts how Siegfried's grandson found this site and contacted me.**
Max and
                  Emile Schreiner


Hedwig and
Max SCHREINER and Emilie nee SIMON
Max and Emilie died 1942, Treblinka

The SCHREINER family
Friedberg, Germany

Siegmund KATZ and Hedwig, nee SCHREINER,
daughter of Max and Emilie
Both died 1942

                  5) Hedwig/Hedi SCHREINER (1902, Friedburg - 1942), married Siegmund KATZ (?-1942).  No children.  Hedwig and Siegmund committed suicide prior to deportation with the help of a pharmacist friend who also committed suicide.  The source of this information was Siegmund's sister, who lived in Frankfurt and survived the Holocaust hidden by her husband, a Christian painter.
         3) Jakab SCHREINER (1840-1912) married second wife Johanna SCHWARZENBERG (1859-1938) in 1889.
             4) Moricz SCHREINER (Meier/Max, 1890-?), was a well known tailor and moved to Friedberg along with his half-brother Miksa, above.  He married Mina PANLUK?/PANTUK? nee WESSLEWSZKI/WESSLAWSKY (1894, Liebstadt,Mohrungen-?), a Christian woman, in Berlin in 1920.  As of 1939 they were living on Regensburger Strasse 13 I, Wilmersdorf, Berlin.  Moritz survived the Holocaust in hiding near Berlin.  This family lived in Berlin after the war.
                 5) Kurt SCHREINER (1920-) married Elsa UNKNOWN
                     6) Gerhard SCHREINER
                     6) Peter SCHREINER
                 5) Erich SCHREINER
             4) Helen SCHREINER (Leah, 1894-?)
         3) Jozsef SCHREINER (1842-?) married his first cousin Regina LICHT in 1872.  See entry for Regina LICHT, above.
         3) Netti SCHREINER (1845-1921) married Ignacz KRAUSZ (1841-1905), a tailor, in 1867.

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      Miksa/Max SCHREINER Success Story:  In December, 2008, I received an e-mail from a gentleman in Argentina who found my web site by searching the internet for the surname SCHREINER and the town Friedberg.  He recognized his great grandfather on this family tree and contacted me.  We are in the process of exchanging information and I would like to share the following quote:  "I'm very happy to have found you and your incredible work with the SCHREINER family.  Searching and finding every one is like bringing them to life again!"  To which I say, Amen and Amen!

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     Roza SCHREINER Success Story: In 2008 I helped two cousins in Israel by transcribing some family names for them from vital records filmed by the Mormons which are not available in Israel.  In return, one cousin helped me track down the descendants of Arie SCHREINER who had submitted Pages of Testimony for his family, and put me in contact with his granddaughter, who provided the information listed above.

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