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Dated: July 2010
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Views of Rǎducǎneni
Photos from the Marcel Glaskie collection

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Boundary from the North
Looking to the West
Ancient & modern

Main road
Main road in town
Stella & Liz in centre of town

Stella & Liz outside house of
Lawyer Gheorghe Botea
Side road to Catholic Church

The alter shul,
built in 1817
 Link  see paragraph 20
Imprint of mezuza
on the side door of
the alter shul
The alter shul,
now a carpenters shop
 Link  see paragraph 20

View to the North - East
View to the East
View to the South - East

View to the North - East

Town Hall
Liz & Father Mihai
The Parish Priest in May 2005
Liz, Lidia Stella & Gheorghe

Municipal workers
Bus: Husi to Iasi
The only hotel

Typical garden

Dilapidated house
  House on left previously Jewish home
Typical side street

Manuela at well
Deep well
Bâlteanu at well

View from the East
View to the South - West

Liz & Stella at southern boundary
Southern boundary in winter
Stella & Marcel

Southern boundary
Bohotin south of Răducăneni
Political poster

Orthodox cemetery Bazga

Entrance to the School No 2
Jewish school
Caminul Cultural - Public library
Jewish school on the left
Back of the public library

Mrs. Balint
Marcel & Petru

Ion Balint
The Balint farm cart
Location of bath house (Mikvah)

Back of Rosetti house
Rosetti coat of alms
Back of Rosetti house

Sunday is Market Day

"2 lei hill"

People say that an old man was trying to climb this hill, but he was very tired. So he started to stop all vehicles and carts that were going up. He said that who ever will take him to the top of the hill will get 2 lei from him!
By Danut Zaharia
Some say that "doi lei" was the price to lend an extra pair of oxen for a chariot to get over this hill.
By Roxana Ciobanica
I also knew that 2 lei (2 coins) was the price asked by some thieves as a protection fee from chariot owners or travellers so as not to get hijacked.
By Ovidiu Bisog

“It is said that it was hard to climb the hill with a large weight in the cart, so for 2 lei coins, people were

helping by supplying an extra horse or a bull to pull the cart"

By Violetta Irimia

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