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Compiled by Marcel Glaskie
Contact: Marcel Glaskie
Dated: July 2010
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Family Album

Isac Tinichigiu
Country: Romania
City: Brasov
Interviewer: Andreea Laptes
Date of interview: November 2002
Mr. Tinichigiu is a 77-year-old man;


My father, Avram Tinichigiu, was born in Rǎucǎneni in 1897.
He was illiterate; he couldn't read, but he could sign his name
and he knew basic arithmetic. I don't know much about my
father's life before his marriage, nor about what brought him to
Iasi. He married Maria, my real mother here in Iasi. I don't
remember her last name

Permission to reprint received from Edward Serotta

Birth record of David Tinichigiu 1897

Birth record of Avram Tinichigiu 1897

Copyright © 2010 Marcel Glaskie
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