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Moshe Yassur
Sara - Basie Stirbu

Moshe Yassur was born in 1934 as Marcel Simon Stuermer in Iasi, a university town and capital of the northeastern Romanian province of Moldavia, close to the border with Ukraine. His father, of German-Jewish origin, was a sales representative for the Singer Company and traveled a great deal.

Since the family of his mother, Sara-Basie Stirbu, was for generations dealers of wine and plum brandy in Rǎducǎneni, a small village (shtetl) about twenty kilometers east of Iasi, Moshe spent his early childhood among the village folk-the vintners, coopers, smiths, cobblers, and bakers-in this fertile region of Romania.

For an account of: "Childhood in Rǎducǎneni" By Moshe Yassur
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A Vanished World

This open land was the location of the Stirbu home,
see the well close to the fence
Map showing the location
of the Stirbu home

Birth record of Sara-Basie Stirbu 1897

Moshe Yassur in Bucharest

Monica Mihǎescu &
Moshe Yassur

Yiddish Theatre in Bucaharest


Bercu Stirbu
Murdered in the Holocaust
Meir Leib Stirbu
Murdered in the Holocaust

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