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Compiled by Marcel Glaskie
Contact: Marcel Glaskie
Dated: July 2010
Copyright 2010 Marcel Glaskie
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Family Album
Schneerer & Milberg
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Taken in Romania between 1931- 1933. 
In the photo, left to right, standing: 

Unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Avrum Schneer

middle row:

Carol (Moishe) Kaufman, Surica Schneer Kaufman, Malka Schneer, Anna Schneer Goldstein, Giselle (Avrum's 1st wife)

children sitting:

Aciu Kaufman, Elka Kaufman, unknown, Aron Goldstein, Fanica Goldstein, Avram Goldstein

Can you recognize some of the unknown people ?

Michael and Diane Schneerer

Tragic death of Zisla /Jennie Sneer from Răducăneni at age 29 in Canada

1881 Marriage of Moise & Malca,
page 1

1881 Marriage of Moise & Malca,
page 2
Moishe Schneerer & Malca Lemberg George Schneerer

From Michael Schneerer USA

They are the front and back of the same photo. 
Schneer Schneerer on the right of the photo is my Dad
(who later changed his name to George). 

It is the Romanian army.
It looks like the year 1923 is written on the back. 
My father told me that he fought in the first world war and he was a chauffeur for an army colonel. 
I don't know any other men in the photo. 

My father left Romania for Paris, France in 1923 where he worked in the Renault factory for 3 years before he came to Canada.

His Yiddish name was Schneer; his Romanian name was George; he went by George Schneerer in Montreal, Canada. 

At the age of 11 he was sent to technical school in Bucharest, Romania and learned sheet metal work.  This served him well in the future because he opened an auto body shop in Montreal called Windsor Auto Body.  His shop motto was, "Where Customers Send Their Friends". 


Asher Shneer
born in Rǎducǎneni
was living  in the Sinai
old peoples home in Haifa
passed away 2013


Eliezer Milberg was a baker in Raducaneni, and I believe they were a comfortable family.

His wife Yehudas gave birth to about ten children, my great grandfather, Ben Milberg was their second son.  He came to America just after the turn of the century with his older brother Morris, slowly the other siblings came as did Yehudas and Eliezer. 

I once spoke to my second cousin also a Ben Milberg, son of Morris the first son of Yehudas and Eliezer Milberg, Ben was also born in Raducaneni.  I remember him speaking about the river Prut (and how my great great grandfather Eliezer Milberg swam across it from Bessarabia to avoid the military).

It was in fact ten children (I checked) and my great grandfather was the second, and his name was Benjamin, although he was called "Benny" he came here just at the turn of the century, and although I did tell you with his older brother, that was incorrect,  he came here just after his brother Louie did, most probably with his brother Sam.. it is believed that Louis and Sam avoided the draft this way, but most notes indicate that Benny did serve in the Romanian military.

In Raducaneni, Eliezer and Yehudas did well,  they owned three bakeries, and a wholesale flour mill.  Eliezer would go to Vienna every year to buy clothes and materials for all his son's suits. Yehudas held prayer groups in her kitchen for women on Shabbat and Holidays, and she interpreted the prayers and bible readings into Yiddish.  Simon (one of the sons) recalled that my GGGP's left as a result of the pogrom that happened around Pesach in 1907.  6000 civilian rioters attacked a town 20 miles from Raducaneni, and the mayor of Raducaneni tried to make a deal with the rioters but could not so the army was called in.  Simon recalled that six of the soldiers stayed with Eliezer and Yehudas for almost two months.  Shortly thereafter they came to America.  The oldest, Moishe (whom I had called Morris) stayed the longest in Raducaneni, not coming to America till august 16, 1920.)

Received from:

Sheryl Kastriner
(Jewishgen #10413)
Tampa Florida USA.

To see the full book, click link below:
Note the file is very heavy, please give it time to open up on your computer.
Milberg Book

Received from Barry Milberg

Dix Hills, NY 11746. USA

Notes on the Milberg Book:
On page 21 - Internees held in a Răducăneni school building, probably relating to the 1913 second Balkan war.


copyright 2010 Marcel Glaskie
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