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Family Album
Fruchter & Litmanovici
Two generations of Shochet, Mohel & Chazan in Rǎducǎneni
Shochet - Ritual slaughterer of cattle & poultry
Mohel - Authorised to perform circumcision   Link
Chazan - Cantor who leads the prayers in the synagogue

HAHÁM, Persoană însărcinată cu tăierea rituală a vitelor și a păsărilor la mozaici.

(Haham is a Shochet - שוחט ) - Person responsible for the ritual slaughter of livestock and poultry in mosaic religion.

HAHÁM Persoană însărcinată să taie vite și păsări conform prescripțiilor religiei mozaice.

Person responsible for livestock and poultry cuts as prescribed by the Jewish religion.

Litmanovici house

Moshe Hersh Fruchter
Bat Sheva Fruchter nee Litmanovici

Aaron Yosef Litmanovici
Malca Riba Litmanovici

A Vanished World  


Courtesy of Asher Kopel Fruchter - from his book Rǎducǎneni to Kfar Hasidim (Hebrew)
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