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Compiled by Marcel Glaskie
Contact: Marcel Glaskie
Dated: July 2010
Copyright © 2010 Marcel Glaskie
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This letter and chart was received from Gerard Bercovici of Paris, France.
JewishGen #3367

Family Album
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My mother Amelia FRANCO'S family, was Sefardi. They
lived in the Spanish quarter of Bucharest. In 1900 they lived in
Street Carol, 144. They spoke Ladino.
Therewas also a parent, whose name was NAHMIAS, who
killed himself when the Germans invaded Romania, He was a
banker. My grandfather was bom in Craiova.
They came from Greece. According to a family tradition,
there was an ancestor Franco who was a pasha in the Ottoman
Empire; anotherone would have been an ambassadorin Egypt.
The family of my father, Isaac BERCOVICI, was Ashkenazim.
He was bom in 1896. The house ofmy grandfather, Haichel
Bercovici, was in Reducanenu, close to Iasi. He had 12 children.
My father went to France in 1917. He had a cousin who emi
grated to theUSAlong beforeWorld War II. The survivors of the
Holocaust went to Israel.
Gerard Bercovici
70 rue du Javelot
75013 Paris (France
Extracted from page 18 in Jewishgen Newsletter, see link:


Copyright © 2010 Marcel Glaskie
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