The community of Mlynov and Mervits family descendants has raised funds to bring out a new translation of the Yiddish sections of the Yizkor book, which is now underway. Howard I. Schwartz, and another Mlynov family descendant, Hanina Epstein, are working together on new translations of the Hebrew essays.

As these new translations become available, they are being published on the Jewishgen Yizkor Book site for the Mlynov-Muravica Memorial Yizkor Book. Here, to accompany those new translations, is a commentary which supplements the original translations with a short biography of the author, if known, a summary of the essay and other related or additional photos that have been shared by the descendants. In the future, we hope to be able to pull the new translations together into a new version of "Mlynov-Muravica Memorial Yizkor Book."

The original Yizkor book is 511 pages and a mix of Hebrew and Yiddish essays that cover a range of topics from the Shoah, to legends, to gossip, to memories of weddings, childhood pranks, and political religious tensions and commitments in the community. It is a veritable source of information about what life was like for this one small group of Jews trying to make a go of it.

The Original Book Committee: Sylvia (Barditch) Goldberg, Lipa Halperin, Josef Litvak, Shmuel Mandelkern, Moshe Iskevitz, Aaron (Berger) Harari, Yehiel Sherman, Mendel Teitelman

The New translations: Edited by Mlynov family descendant, Howard I. Schwartz, PhD, Yiddish translations by Hannah Berliner Fischthal, PhD, Hebrew translations by Howard I. Schwartz, PhD with Mervits descendant, Hanina (Charles) Epstein. The new Yiddish translations have been funded by Mlynov Family Descendants listed below.

Acknowledgments: Standing on the shoulders of those who came before
Financial Contributors: Thanking those who supported the translation effort



This effort stands on the shoulders of earlier family historians who have come before us. Partial Engish translations of the Yiddish essays were done initially by Gene Schwartz,[1] a Mlynov family descendant in Baltimore. They were collected and circulated informally by Irene Siegel,[2] another Mlynov family descendant in Baltimore, who also preserved photos and stories of Mlynov and Mervits families that enrich our understanding of life in those towns. David Sokolsky[3] later pulled some of these English translations together and added summaries of the Hebrew essays to an English volume in a collection he published, called Mlynov-Muravica Memorial Book (English Translation). Their earlier efforts made possible this renewed effort.

In addition, Ted Fishman,[4] also a preserved a great deal of Mlynov and Mervits history and his knowledge has been a foundation for this work as well. Subsequently, many of our Mlynov family descendants have contributed their photos, memories and stories which have enlivened our understanding of these towns and our ancestors' lives there.


Descendants of families from Mlynov and Mervits contributed financially to the new translation effort. They include: Adam Marcus (Hirsch descendant) | Amy Westpy (Gelberg descendant) | Anabel Fishman (Fishman family relative) | Andrea Carter (Hirsch descendant) | Arlene Polangin (Demb/Gruber descendant) | Audrey (Goldseker) Polt (Fishman / Goldseker descendant) | Barry Lerner (Lerner descendant) | Barry Stadd (Polishuk descendant) | Brooke Zigler (Demb/Gruber descendant) | Carol Engelman (Rivitz/Hurwitz/Demb/Gruber descendant) | Charles (Hanina) Epstein (Steinberg, Wurtzel, Gruber descendant) | Cheryl Lerner (Lerner Descendant) | David Sokolsky (Tesler Family relative) | Denise Gelberg (Gelberg descendant) | Edith Geller (Goldberg / Schuchman descendant) | Eileen Reichenberg Sherr (Demb/ Gruber/ Rivitz/Hurwitz descendant) | Eileen Yoffe (Fishman/Goldseker) | Ezra Sherman (Sherman, Schuchman descendant) | Galina Graber (Berger descendant) | Gerald Steinberg (Steinberg, Wurtzel, Gruber, Lerner descendant) | Harold Goldberg (Goldberg/ Schuchman descendant) | Heidi Steinberg (Steinberg/Wurtzel/Gruber descendant) | Helen Fixler (Nudler / Polishuk descendant) | Howard I. Schwartz (Demb/Gruber/Schwartz/Shulman descendant) | Josh Klavan (Schuchman, Klepatch descendant) | Joyce Jandorf (Schuchman, Klepatch descendant) | Larry Siegel (Shulman / Steinberg descendant) | Len Feldman (Polashuk family descendant) | Lillian Rosensweig (Gelberg/Schuchman descendant) | Marc Siegel (Fishman/Goldseker descendant) | Marlene Leffell (Teitelman descendant) | Miriam Berkowitz (Gruber, Demb, Herman descendant) | Miriam Litz (Kozak family descendant) | Richard Polt (Fishman/Goldseker descendant) | Robert Shulman (Gruber, Demb, Shulman descendant) | Ronald Gaynor (Gaynor descendant) | Saul Fishman (Demb/Gruber/ Fishman/Goldseker/Shulman descendant) | Sheila Mandelberg (Marder, Tesler descendant) | Shelley and Sheldon Goldseker (Fishman/Goldseker descendant) | Sharna Goldseker (Fishman/Goldseker descendant) | Tamara Kirson (Demb/Gruber descendant) | Vivi Sadel (Sherman, Golisuk, Schuchman descendant).


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