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 1/14/2021  New article about Ukraine restoring Jewish Memory

Check the article on the Chechelnik Today Section

 10/25/2015  1875 Revision List Indexed on the ACDB

Hi all,

I've got great news.
Thanks to the Ukraine SIG and to Paul Finelt who led the project, the Olgopol Uezd 1875 revision list has been indexed.

The records were submitted to JewishGen for their inclusion into the JG Ukraine Database, and the Chechelnik records have been also integrated into the All Chechelnik Database.


Ariel Parkansky
JewishGen Ukraine SIG
Chechelnik Town Leader

 1/29/2015  Khmelnitsky archives: Update Jan-2015

Alexander Denisenko was at the Khmelnitskiy archives.
They have made available Chechelnik and Olgopol ujezd Jewish census of 1875, that has survived Kamianets Podolski fire. The books are quite consistent and readable and present information about mostly male members of the households of the town of Chechelnik and the county.
The archive makes available only the scans for research on their own computer, since the paper became very fragile after being effected by water from fire brigade. The systematization of the above scans on the archive computer is far from being logical, so one should look through many unrelated towns to even find the right ones.

 6/4/2014  New dataset on the All Chechelnik Database

Hi everybody,

I've just published the images of 203 catalog cards going from 1851 to 1990 with the holdings of Chechelnik records in the Vinnitsa archives.

They are available in the All Chechelnik Database at the Chechelnik Kehilalinks

Ariel Parkansky
Chechelnik Town Leader

 10/8/2013  New article: Journey to the original place

Alexander Vishnevetsky tells us about his recent journey to his birth home town.
See full article here

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