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Archives containing Chechelnik related records

Contents and location

Several archives contain documentation related to Chechelnik. We have until now identified the following:

  • Kamenets-Podolsky State Archives: Birth, Census, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Army/Recruits, Property Owners, Kahal/Jewish Community, Tax Lists, Occupation Lists
    On April, 2003 a fire destroyed part of the Jewish and civil records including several of the most important fonds. At the time all surviving historic documents were transferred to Khmelnitskiy Oblast Archives. We don't have information about the current status of those archives.
    More information about this archive contents at rtrfoundation.org

    Important update from January 2015: Alexander Denisenko was at the Khmelnitskiy archives.
    They have made available Chechelnik and Olgopol ujezd Jewish census of 1875, that has survived Kamianets Podolski fire. The books are quite consistent and readable and present information about mostly male members of the households of the town of Chechelnik and the county.
    The archive makes available only the scans for research on their own computer, since the paper became very fragile after being effected by water from fire brigade. The systematization of the above scans on the archive computer is far from being logical, so one should look through many unrelated towns to even find the right ones.

  • Vinnitsa State Archives: Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Local Government
    More information about this archive contents at rtrfoundation.org

  • Yad Vashem Database of Shoah Victims' Names
    This database is searchable online at The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names

  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Jewish Refugees in Tashkent
    This database is searchable online at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Jewish Refugees in Tashkent

  • Ellis Island immigration records:
    This database is searchable online at The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

Contact information for the Ukrainian archives

State Archives of Vinnytska oblast (ie: Vinnitsa)
17, Lenina St., Vinnitsa, 287100
Tel.: +380 (432) 32-40-59

State Archives of Khmelnytska oblast (ie: Chmelnitsky)
99, Grushevskogo St., Khmelnytskyi, 280000
Tel.: +380 (3822) 9-77-29

State Archive of Kamenets Podolskiy oblast
14/16 Polsky Rinok Square, Ukraine, Kamenets Podolskiy, 32300
Tel: +380-3849-2-33-88, +380-3849-2-10-25.
E-mail: office@arhiv.kp.km.ua
Note: The address of this archive does not appear anymore on the Ukraine Archives website. It is possible that it is no longer valid.

Information about how to order records from various Ukraine Archives is at: http://www.archives.gov.ua/Eng/Requests_citiz.php
Official Page for the Archives of Ukraine: http://www.archives.gov.ua/Eng/index.php
Up to date addresses and contact information for the Archives of Ukraine: http://www.archives.gov.ua/Eng/Archives

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